Membrain announces sales playbooks functionality

Published: October 6, 2015

Membrain's cloud-based sales platform delivers a systems approach to the complex sale, with specialized tools for prospect qualification, pipeline and opportunity management as well as performance management, to name a few. 

"We are very proud to announce that playbooks are now available in Membrain", says Henrik Öquist, COO of Membrain. "Our customers can't afford to lose deals. They invest a significant amount of time, resources and money into every opportunity they choose to pursue. By using playbooks, it will become easy to introduce new best practice tactics and win more deals."

Key features

With Membrain's playbooks, sales people can automatically be provided with "plays" that are based on particular parameters within an individual sales opportunity. Identified scenarios will trigger a particular playbook by adding or removing key steps and milestones within the existing sales process that is visually represented in Membrain for sales people to follow.

  • When a particular deal scenario is met, the relevant playbook is automatically applied and provides the sales person with recommended steps, information and embedded content to ensure deal progression and optimal outcomes.
  • Different rules can be applied to the playbooks created, immediately notifying relevant contacts if momentum is lost.
  • There is no limit to the  number of playbooks that can be created and applied for any sales process. Subsequently, sales teams may have different playbooks for new sales, up-selling to existing customers, or for account planning.

"In complex B2B sales, there are many variables to consider for each sales project", says Frederic Lucas, CEO of Prima Ressource, a management consultant company specializing in sales development. "Further complicating matters, deal scenarios can change at any moment -  new people are introduced to the customer's decision making team, or new competitors show up. Being able to adjust course quickly is paramount and by using playbooks in Membrain, our customers can capture  and display situational best practices to make it easier for sales people to learn new tactics and win more customers."

Membrain's playbook functionality is available now. To learn more about Membrain and how the software helps companies achieve consistent results in complex sales, visit