Membrain Wins CRM Gold Medal in Top Sales Awards 2014

Published: December 18, 2014

This year, almost 800000 votes were cast from the sales community and the jury consisted of 21 of the world's top sales minds.

"We’re in this market to elevate the sales profession and winning this award two times in a row makes us very proud!”, says Henrik Öquist, COO for Membrain.

Membrain - the sales platform that drives the right sales behaviors

In today’s world of hyper competition, how you sell is becoming increasingly important. For commodity products, companies need to automate sales efforts and for complex solutions, sales people need to become the value. Subsequently, new demands need to be placed on sales tools. Traditional CRMs are used as data repositories and rear-view mirrors. They become graveyards of information and provide little help for modern sales teams. Membrain is a modern tool to help sales teams work smarter, not just harder.

Provides the sales map and a coaching platform

"As a life-long entrepreneur, I know that sales efforts will make or break b2b companies. Sadly, too many companies waste millions of dollars every year by not having proper sales infrastructure in place", says George Brontén, Membrain’s founder and CEO.

"We help visualize best-practice sales processes, ensure sales pipeline momentum and create the infrastructure needed for sales leadership to provide the coaching needed to develop the sales team members”, concludes George.

About Top Sales Awards

Top Sales Awards is an annual event that celebrates companies and individuals that have shown the courage to be pioneers while others have clung to the status quo. The leading online community Top Sales World, which is based in the United Kingdom, arranges top Sales Awards. More information can be found here: