Sales Experts Adviser Partner Choose Membrain as Technology Partner

Published: September 19, 2012

Stockholm, SWEDEN - September 19, 2012

Swedish technology company Upstream recently released Membrain, a pipeline management software meant to revolutionise the way sales teams handle complex business-to-business (B2B) sales. And the tool is quickly gaining a following. Adviser Partner, a sales training and recruitment company, has partnered with Upstream in order to help their own clients perfect their sales process and improve sales performance.

"We have looked at many sales tools but never before found one that actively drives the sales process forward. At best the tools out there improve reporting to management but do little to help achieve sales goals. With Membrain, it's different" says Fredrik Alkell, Senior Partner at Adviser Partner.

Membrain helps formalise a company's own sales pipeline and qualification process, and encourages the sales team to focus on the right opportunities at the right moment. It also allows sales teams to capture their existing knowledge and use it for coaching, something that has been shown to increase team performance by as much as 28%. Effective coaching of newly hired sales reps has also become increasingly important in a profession where the employee turnover is high and the cost of hiring the wrong person can be many times their annual salary.

"Membrain is based on the latest research on how to improve sales performance." says Henrik Öquist, Product Manager for Membrain. "This is not just a CRM, it is an entirely new way of approaching the sales pipeline. It is designed with the sales team in mind, as opposed to being a tool for marketing and management." continues Henrik.

Fredrik Alkell agrees. "Membrain was obviously built putting the sales people first. It encourages pushing important deals forward and making the right move at each step, allowing you to shorten the sales cycle".

"Adviser Partner shares our vision that a more structured process for B2B sales can do wonders for the sales team and for the bottom line" Henrik Öquist goes on. "Being experts on sales themselves, they are an ideal partner to demonstrate how our software can improve the workflow for sales people at all levels. We look forward to working with Adviser Partner and together help Swedish companies become more profitable and raise the quality bar in how they approach sales."