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    Jay Mitchell is an accomplished entrepreneur and sales and marketing thought leader, who has invested the past 20+ years unleashing the revenue performance of market leaders worldwide including Ariba, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, Ace Hardware, SuccessFactors, Miller Heiman, AlixPartners, SAP, and many more.

    He has served in a variety of roles during his career including President, CEO, CMO, board member, and investor to over 150 innovative champions. As Mereo’s founder and president, Jay brings a passion for helping companies align their marketing and sales infrastructure. With a heart for serving clients, Jay's others-focused values are inspiring to his clients and peers alike – as reflected in Mereo’s purpose: Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™. Jay, a proud Baylor Bear, currently resides in Austin, TX with his family.

    A history of sales enablement — and predictions for its future

    By Jay Mitchell
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