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    Paul has built an incredible track record helping teams maximize their growth potential – in life and in business. He is a passionate entrepreneur with deep experiences solving unique sales, marketing, leadership development and revenue acquisition challenges in diverse business environments.

    An early pioneer of the sales-as-a-service industry, Paul co-founded and helped grow one of the first and most successful firms in that space. He leveraged his unique skills as a sales leader to train and coach hundreds of salespeople and led many successful sales and marketing teams for clients ranging from innovative start-ups to large global enterprises. As part of that ground-breaking experience, he also served as president of a midsize digital marketing agency that specialized in bringing innovative database and content marketing services to high growth sales teams.

    His energy and commitment to practicing the principles of servant leadership in sales, marketing and executive roles make him a unique and foundational addition to Floriss’ Growth Multiplier™ Movement! Paul is based out of Floriss Group headquarters, in Columbus, OH.

    Sales framework: a leadership investment for growth

    By Paul Fuller
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