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    Sharon-Drew Morgen is an original thinker, inventor of Buying Facilitation®, Facilitative Questions, 13 steps of systemic change, and the HOW of change. Author of the award-winning blog and 9 books including the New York Times Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity, Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and WHAT? Did you really say what I think I heard? Sharon-Drew trains, coaches, speaks in several industries, including sales, healthcare, communication, change, Servant Leadership. She lives on a houseboat in Portland, Oregon, USA.

    How sales and marketing can engage real buyers

    By Sharon-Drew Morgen

    Sell to prospects who WILL buy (Instead of those who 'should' buy)

    By Sharon-Drew Morgen

    Buying patterns: what are they, and how to influence them

    By Sharon-Drew Morgen
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