Membrain announces sales performance functionality

Published: May 26, 2015

New functionality from Membrain, the sales improvement platform, is designed to help sales leaders to assign, break down and track sales goals to ensure that their sales people consistently reach their targets.

According to recent research from CSO Insights, 41.9% of sales people did not reach their sales targets in 2015. Yet, 91% of the companies raised their targets for the following year. Membrain believes that one of the problems is how sales goals are set, communicated and followed-up on using the traditional CRM systems used to support sales teams.

“Traditional CRM systems are fancy rolodexes and rear-view mirror report generators. At Membrain, we’re building a sales improvement platform that guides sales people to consistently reach their targets.”, says George Brontén, Founder & CEO of Membrain. “Adding this sales performance functionality helps our customers to grow their sales people into a competitive advantage.”

With the new functionality introduced in Membrain, sales leaders can quickly and easily assign sales goals that are broken down into leading indicators and activity metrics. This makes it easier for sales people to understand what efforts are needed to reach their targets. The system provides the daily guidance needed to keep on track. Additional features are designed to encourage the sales leader to coach their people to enhance skill levels from hire date through every deal they work.

Free Goal Setting Content Pack

Membrain has also created a content pack called “How to set realistic goals in complex b2b sales”, which includes a document outlining goal setting best practices and an excel template to help set individual sales targets. The results can quickly be mapped into the Membrain software. This is what is covered:

  1. How to ensure that sales people are assigned achievable sales goals
  2. Break down goals into milestones and activities to keep sales people on track
  3. Encourage the use of metrics that captures both efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Identify how different KPIs are interconnected
  5. How to reinforce good sales behaviors and coach effectively

Download it here


This new sales performance functionality is available now for all Membrain customers.