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    Podcast - Navigating the Evolving World of Sales with James Buckley

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    Have you ever wondered what separates an ordinary salesperson from a true sales maestro? As a sales expert and also the director of Sell Better, James Buckley joins us in today’s episode to dissect the landscape of modern sales, revealing the traits and strategies that distinguish top performers. 

    With the sales industry in perpetual motion, we discuss the importance of agility and continuous learning, diving into how the best in the business use technology to their advantage and focus on selling to the right prospects to ensure long-term success and minimize churn.

    Adapting Sales Strategies (9:20)

    Paul and James discuss the evolution of sales strategies over the past two decades. They acknowledge that in the early 2000s to 2015, there was a heavy emphasis on mass messaging, where salespeople would send thousands of emails and prioritize responses. James recalls his experience of receiving numerous emails and sorting through them manually, marking responses as either interested or not. However, he later realizes that unsubscribing or expressing disinterest doesn't necessarily mean the prospect is entirely uninterested. They emphasize the importance of tracking prospects even if they initially decline, as their circumstances may change.


    Leveraging AI for Behavior Change (15:35)

    Paul and James talk about how sales coaching is changing, especially with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). James mentions insights from John Barrows, saying AI can help change how salespeople behave. He explains that AI can give feedback without personal biases, making it easier for salespeople to accept. James talks about platforms like Wonderway, which use AI to analyze sales calls and give helpful feedback. He stresses that both the coach and the salesperson need to be open to change for this to work well. AI can make coaching sessions smoother and more effective for everyone involved.



    Challenges in Sales Coaching (27:10)

    James draws a comparison between coaching and parenting, suggesting that just as there's no manual for parenting, there isn't one for effective leadership either. He cautions against automatically promoting top salespeople to leadership positions without evaluating their suitability for the role. James stresses the significance of understanding each individual's strengths and weaknesses to foster well-rounded sales professionals. Additionally, he advises recruiters to be transparent during interviews to prevent false expectations among new hires, promoting honesty and clarity in communication.

    Paul Fuller
    Published February 25, 2024
    By Paul Fuller

    Paul Fuller’s stated mission is to help others maximize their gifts by using his.
    Paul has been a pioneer in the sales process and training, sales as a service, content marketing and CRM. As a previous founder and owner of multiple successful growth organizations in these spaces, Paul has effectively trained and led sales and marketing teams across the world to focus on and achieve dynamic growth.

    He firmly believes sales is defined best in three categories:

    • Service - helping other get what they need

    • Leadership - guiding others toward their vision

    • Wayfinding - navigating the path to success together

    He is firmly committed to elevating the sales profession through coaching, leading, and empowering others through systems that enable strong performance.

    Currently Paul leads revenue growth at - the top sales effectiveness CRM in the world. Working with his team, and a group of over 100 top sales consultant organizations across the globe, they are focused at creating scalable growth through sales excellence in companies and teams in over 80 countries.

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