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    Podcast - Fostering Healthy Leadership with Chris McAlister

    Hitting rock bottom can either crush you or make you stronger. Chris McAllister, CEO of Sightshift, knows this well. He turned his financial struggles into a journey of growth. Today, he shares how shifting from seeking validation to focusing on making a real impact transformed his sales approach. He believes sales is about serving others by addressing their needs, often before they realize them.

    by Paul Fuller

    Podcast - Cultivating a Culture of Value Creation with Alan Versteeg

    Ever wonder why some sales teams soar while others falter? The answer might lie within the nuances of coaching versus auditing. Join Alan Versteeg, Global Chief Revenue Officer of Growth Matters, as he guides us through the transformative shift from 'cannonball management' to 'cruise missile management,' a strategy that demands real-time action correction to boost sales efficacy.

    by Paul Fuller

    Podcast - Orchestrating Success with Paula S White

    In this episode, Paula S. White, the founder of PW Enterprises, delves into her transformative journey—from being a savvy negotiator on a purple bicycle to orchestrating multimillion-dollar sales.

    by Paul Fuller

    Podcast - Selling from the Heart with Darrell Amy (Part 2)

    Join us as we welcome Darrell Amy, the CEO of Revenue Growth Engine and Co-host of the Selling from the Heart podcast, as he recounts his journey from a budding law student to a sales expert, and how this transition has honed his expertise in coaching sales teams to drive substantial growth. As he shares his narrative, you'll learn the value of investing in your team and your craft and the significant influence that effective coaching has on individual and collective sales performance.

    by Paul Fuller

    Podcast - Selling from the Heart with Larry Levine (Part 1)

    There's a moment in every sales professional's career when the traditional tactics start to feel hollow, and the hunger for a deeper connection with clients becomes unignorable. That's where Sales Trainer & Author, Larry Levine comes in, turning the sales game on its head with his philosophy of 'Selling from the heart.' 

    by Paul Fuller

    Podcast - From Coaching to Collaboration with Yuri van der Sluis


    Yuri van der Sluis has devoted his career to helping sales professionals make a positive impact on those around them. He's founder of SalesHookup, and he has a particular passion for coaching and mentoring in sales, going so far as to create one of the first peer-to-peer mentoring technologies in the sales space.

    by Paul Fuller
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