Membrain announces Zendesk integration

Published: June 11, 2015

The integration allows Zendesk customers to quickly integrate with Membrain and improve their sales performance, while delivering a powerful service experience using Zendesk’s customer service platform.

Customer service interactions are instantly available to sales professionals within Membrain, providing enhanced insights that will help improve their performance. The integration can also create new accounts in Zendesk, enabling an efficient account hand-over from sales to customer service. Membrain administrators can enable the integration from the integrations page.

“Together, the Zendesk and Membrain combination provide organizations deeper intelligence into each account, helping them provide the best possible customer engagement from initial contact throughout the customer lifecycle,” says Henrik Öquist, COO of Membrain.

Membrain’s sales effectiveness software is based on the proven success factors in complex sales, helping business-to-business sales organizations achieve greater results. Zendesk, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based customer service software, dedicated to helping organizations build better relationships with customers.