Membrain launches new Consensus release to increase win rates

Published: May 16, 2016

Membrain, a global sales effectiveness software company, has launched a new release called Consensus. Consensus introduces features that significantly improve the ability of sales teams to improve win rates in complex selling situations. It also provides a built-in visual tool for salespeople to better map out, manage and understand entire buying decision teams.

Consensus includes color-coded visual cues to indicate each influencer’s role in and attitude toward the decision to be made. Salespeople can easily add new influencers both inside and outside the prospect organization using a visual org chart, and easily update the chart as new information is discovered, as well as capturing each stakeholders’ attitude and level of influence in a visual decision team map.

“Knowing who makes up the buying decision team and understanding their attitude and influence is paramount,” says George Brontén, Membrain CEO, “but historically there hasn’t been a good way to capture that inside the CRM. With Membrain Consensus, salespeople have visual tools to ensure they have the support needed inside the organization, and to avoid the trap of focusing on just a few friendly faces. It also provides sales management with the overview needed to coach more effectively.”

The new release is the latest in Membrain’s suite of innovative tools for driving top sales performance in complex sales environments. A personalized demonstration can be scheduled on Membrain’s site.