Membrain wins Top Sales Awards 2013

Published: December 18, 2013

Membrain was awarded the Top Sales Award's gold medal for "Best Sales CRM", ahead of market leaders such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. Membrain's software has been developed to provide sales organizations with an alternative to traditional CRM systems. To help companies increase sales performance, the product is designed entirely around proven success factors in modern sales effectiveness research.

This year, almost 800000 votes were cast from the sales community and the jury consisted of 21 of the world's top sales minds. 

"To win the Top Sales Awards is an important milestone for us. What makes this award extra special is the combination of votes from sales professionals around the globe and a jury consisting of leading sales experts of our time", says Henrik Öquist, Product Manager for Membrain.

New tools for a new era

Today's sales teams are under immense pressure to deliver results in an increasingly global marketplace. Buyers enjoy more power than ever before, with a wealth of information available online. Distinguishing your solution from the market is becoming harder and harder. 

In this new world of hyper competition, how you sell is becoming more important than what you sell. In order to survive, a lot more is required from the company's sales teams and sales management. Subsequently, new demands .are being placed on the tools needed to help them reach their goals.

Mapping sales journey

"As an entrepreneur I know how crucial sales are for a company to reach and maintain growth and profitability. Sadly, many companies still manage their sales efforts poorly. Sales people often work entirely without map and compass, while buyers use GPS. Management is still largely focused on rear view mirror tracking of individual activities." says George Brontén, founder and CEO of Upstream.

"This approach does not give sales teams a good overview of what they need to do, and it does not help them move deals forward in the pipeline. Instead, it creates frustration and graveyards of information. With Membrain, it is different. We help visualize best-practice sales processes, mapped to the buyer's journey, and ensure the sales pipeline momentum needed to achieve success." George concludes.

About Top Sales Awards

Top Sales Awards is an annual event that celebrates companies and individuals that have shown the courage to be pioneers while others have clung to the status quo. Top Sales Awards is arranged by the leading online community Top Sales World, which is based in the United Kingdom. More information can be found here:

About Membrain

Membrain is developed by the Swedish company Upstream, whose business idea is to help companies become more effective and profitable with forward-thinking software solutions. Upstream was founded in 1998, is privately owned and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Membrain solution was launched in 2012. Visit today to learn more.