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    Podcast: Customer-centric approach in sales with Bob Apollo

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    In the latest episode of the Art and Science of Complex Sales podcast, Paul Fuller sits down with Bob Apollo, CEO & Founder of Inflexion Point to discuss the importance of a customer-centric approach in sales.


    During the conversation, Bob emphasized the importance of salespeople understanding what the customer considers a successful outcome. He suggests that although the salesperson may not be the primary contact throughout the entire sales cycle, they should begin with a clear understanding of the customer's desired outcome and work backward from there.  



    In addition, Bob emphasizes the value of employing natural language and avoiding forced or scripted lines when engaging with customers. He suggests integrating the agreement seamlessly into the conversation, ensuring that it doesn't appear as an attempt to manipulate or pressure the customer.


    Key Highlights Include:

    • Different mindsets - 2:58
    • The five layers of active planning - 15:06
    • Building authentic interactions - 19:38


    By incorporating these strategies, sales professionals can enhance their effectiveness by aligning their approach with the customer's needs and preferences, ultimately fostering stronger and more meaningful connections with potential clients.

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    Paul Fuller
    Published May 28, 2023
    By Paul Fuller

    Paul Fuller’s stated mission is to help others maximize their gifts by using his.
    Paul has been a pioneer in the sales process and training, sales as a service, content marketing and CRM. As a previous founder and owner of multiple successful growth organizations in these spaces, Paul has effectively trained and led sales and marketing teams across the world to focus on and achieve dynamic growth.

    He firmly believes sales is defined best in three categories:

    • Service - helping other get what they need

    • Leadership - guiding others toward their vision

    • Wayfinding - navigating the path to success together

    He is firmly committed to elevating the sales profession through coaching, leading, and empowering others through systems that enable strong performance.

    Currently Paul leads revenue growth at - the top sales effectiveness CRM in the world. Working with his team, and a group of over 100 top sales consultant organizations across the globe, they are focused at creating scalable growth through sales excellence in companies and teams in over 80 countries.

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