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    Here's why your salespeople will love Membrain

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    When talking with one of our sales training partners recently, we were asked for content to help salespeople understand “what’s in it for them.”

    I often talk about our high adoption rates and the beauty and simplicity of Membrain for its users, but I’ve never written about what it’s like, on a day to day basis, for a salesperson to use the software.

    So, here it is. A day in the life of a salesperson whose organization uses Membrain.

    1. Open one application, and stay in it all day
      Our salesperson, we’ll call Sarah, arrives at work and opens Membrain. It is practically the only application Sarah will have to open all day. In contrast to an organization where point pollution has gotten out of hand, Sarah doesn’t have to switch constantly between prospecting, opportunity management, CRM, calendar, email, and content management systems in order to get through the day. It’s all in one place.
    2. Critical pipeline health front and center
      Once Membrain is open, Sarah immediately sees their pipeline information. It shows which deals need to be followed up with, and what are the next steps for each. Its interactive interface means that Sarah can immediately click through to complete the steps for each. And find the right information on how to do each step in the best possible way.
    3. Inbound leads are integrated into the workflow
      When Sarah opens Membrain, she sees that there are new inbound leads from marketing. Sarah uses the playbook as a guide to complete all the correct steps, starting with a visit to LinkedIn to view the prospect’s profile. She sends an Inmail, “likes” some posts, and then moves on to the next one. Membrain keeps track of the next steps in the playbook, scheduled according to best-practices and makes sure that nothing falls between cracks.
    4. Checklists make routine tasks routine
      Sarah doesn’t have to think hard about what to do next for each prospect. The embedded playbook includes checklists showing what else has to be complete before she can move to the next step, so Sarah can focus her energy and attention on making each interaction count.
    5. The inbox is uncluttered
      Membrain knows who Sarah’s prospects and opportunities are, and makes sure their emails are highlighted. Sarah opens their email from inside Membrain and can immediately see which emails require attention, and which can be ignored or delayed.
    6. The content hub makes content sharing easy
      Inside her inbox, Sarah sees that a prospect is requesting a case study. Without leaving the application, Sarah opens the content hub, where she's able to quickly access the right ones, because Membrain understands the context and makes an accurate suggestion. A thumbnail is quickly added to the email and sent to the prospect. Membrain then tracks when the content is opened, and other relevant data, that Sarah can use to make decisions about follow-up.
    7. Integrated calendar makes scheduling and video conferencing easy, too
      In each email, Sarah’s footer includes a link to Membrain Meet - the built-in scheduling service that shows the recipient available times, removes time-zone confusion and integrates video conferencing links via Zoom. This day, Sarah sees in Membrain Guide (the right-hand sidebar) that two new meetings have been booked.
    8. Color-coding projects highlight what needs immediate attention
      Sarah doesn’t have to guess or remember which projects are in need of immediate attention. Membrain color codes to make it easy to see. On this particular day, Sarah can see that in the hurry of yesterday’s busy-ness, she forgot to make a promised call to a prospect. The action is highlighted in red, so she can see that it requires immediate attention and make the call by clicking on the person’s phone number in Membrain.
    9. Maintaining accurate org charts
      Sarah received a notification that one of her contacts has had a job title change on LinkedIn. Sarah clicks to the org chart for that company and updates information in a matter of moments.
    10. Scheduling from within calls is simpler than ever
      While Sarah is on a call with a prospect, she and the prospect agree that the next step is to schedule a second call. Without leaving the call or Membrain, Sarah opens their calendar using a shortcut (“C”) and coordinates a time with the prospect. Membrain knows the context and immediately suggests the right contact and company, eliminating delays and making the arrangement smooth.
    11. Snippets save time and improve communication
      While scheduling the call, Sarah grabs an agenda snippet and pastes it into the meeting’s invitation. Similar calls share a similar agenda, so this snippet saves the effort and time of typing it up from scratch each time.
    12. Everything syncs and connects immediately
      When Sarah sends an invite to a prospect from Membrain, the customer can accept the invitation in real time while still on the phone, eliminating dropped connections. Sarah's calendar also syncs automatically to Google calendar, making sure that the calendar in her car is kept up-to-date as well (as it uses Google Calendar).
    13. Access to coaching is straightforward
      While working, Sarah notices a coaching comment appear inside Membrain Guide, which is in the sidebar. Her manager has found some relevant information about an opportunity. Sarah responds, and together, she comes up with a plan to take advantage of the information to move the opportunity forward.
    14. Gamification makes it fun
      Using the information from the coaching chat, Sarah is able to schedule a meeting with the prospect. As soon as the appointment is set, Sarah smiles when she sees a gamification notification pop up that she's met a milestone toward their weekly target.
    15. Helping others is part of the system
      Toward the end of the day, Sarah sees that she's been asked to help a new hire with something. Without leaving Membrain, Sarah walks the hire through the sales playbook, shows them checklists and enablement content. There’s training content embedded for the new hire to use so that Sarah doesn’t have to walk them through everything, and she can learn the steps and milestones independently, her computer, or smartphone. Sarah is able instead to focus on doing some role playing and helping the hire get comfortable asking the right questions.
    16. Performance view makes planning easy
      At the end of the day, Sarah goes into the performance view to see how she's tracking against her goals. She can see where she's excelling and where she may be falling behind. Based on this information, she makes a plan for the next day to get caught up and stay on track.
    Everything just works the way you want it to work!
    Totte Pärlefalk, G2Crowd Review

    "Many CRM systems I worked with slow down my sales process. With Membrain, I actually feel it helps me work more efficiently. It works the way a CRM ought to work! And I also really like the design a lot, since I’m staring into Membrain everyday this is quite important for me.” ~Totte P, Sales Manager, Membrain review on G2Crowd

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    Or contact us today for a demo so you can see for yourself how beautiful, intuitive, and fundamentally game-changing our software can be for your team.

    George Brontén
    Published May 13, 2020
    By George Brontén

    George is the founder & CEO of Membrain, the Sales Enablement CRM that makes it easy to execute your sales strategy. A life-long entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the software space and a passion for sales and marketing. With the life motto "Don't settle for mainstream", he is always looking for new ways to achieve improved business results using innovative software, skills and processes.

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