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    How Oneflow Makes Contract Management Seamless in Membrain

    Remember when signing a contract meant printing multiple copies and sitting at a desk with the customer to put ink on paper? Today’s e-signing tools have simplified the process and made it possible to close even large, complex deals electronically.

    How to build account plans in Salesforce - the easy way

    Proactive and strategic account planning in Salesforce isn’t easy - or even possible, depending on which plugins and customizations you’ve invested in. Account planning often takes place outside of traditional CRM systems, and rarely makes its way back into the tools your sales team uses every day.

    Are you addicted to Salesforce?

    For many sales organizations, Salesforce is the technology sun around which the entire sales system orbits. If this is working out great for you, your sales effectiveness is world-class, and the cost of technology per employee shows a solid ROI, then you can skip this article.

    How to get a free trial of Membrain

    When we launched Membrain, offering a free trial was not the right move for us. We felt that we needed to educate customers during the sales cycle because our offering was too different from traditional CRM platforms.

    How to click click click your way to failure

    I wonder what would happen if we could aggregate all the time we spend clicking around inside our various sales apps, or between sales apps, and measure it. How much time would it add up to?


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