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    Here's why your salespeople will love Membrain

    When talking with one of our sales training partners recently, we were asked for content to help salespeople understand “what’s in it for them.”

    How to upsize sales performance while you downsize your tech

    It’s no secret that I believe that many sales organizations are overspending on technology. Right now, while many organizations are cutting payroll and looking for other ways to grow lean during a challenging time, I want to encourage you to take a good, hard look at your tech spend.

    6 sales tech stats from the latest SST report that may blow your mind

    Smart Selling Tools (SST) released its 2019 sales technology benchmark survey recently*, with data comparisons against 2017. Much of the report validates what we already know about sales tech: That it continues to grow at a breath-taking rate. But the details of the report should give us all pause as we reflect on the future of the sales industry.

    The call of the machine, or how to make selling more human

    You know that scene in The Matrix when Neo wakes up in a metal tank and discovers that his entire life has been a lie and that he is merely a battery helping to power a world run by machines?

    How to pollute your sales ocean, one technology at a time

    Have you ever had a slip of the tongue that reveals an insight? On a call with one of my team members recently, we were talking about the sales world’s overly complex landscape of technologies, and I wanted to talk about point solutions, but what I said was, “point pollutions.”

    by George Brontén • Editor's Pick

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