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    Podcast: The JOLT effect with Matt Dixon

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    In this latest episode of the Art and Science of Complex Sales podcast, Paul Fuller sits down with Matt Dixon, co-author of the JOLT Effect, to discuss why buyers stall out and end in no-decision, as well as what salespeople can do about it.

    Dixon talks about the common use of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) playbooks in sales. He explains that these tactics are often taught to salespeople but can backfire more often than they work, especially when the customer has already expressed their dissatisfaction with the status quo. 


    Dixon explains that deals are often lost due to a customer's fear of failure or indecision, which is brought on by factors such as choice and information overload. He argues that the abundance of information and options can be overwhelming for customers and can lead to indecision and a fear of making the wrong choice. He then discusses an effective way to overcome this, the JOLT Effect.

    Key Highlights include:

    • FOMO - 10:20
    • Cause of indecisiveness - 16:20
    • What is JOLT - 19:30

     Tune in to this episode of the Art and Science of Complex Sales Podcast today! Interested in learning more about the JOLT effect? Check out our blog post.

    Paul Fuller
    Published February 19, 2023
    By Paul Fuller

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