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    Stop wasting time prospecting!

    95% of our prospecting is just wasted time, so just stop it! It’s too much time to find that 5% who want to talk, and if they really do, they’ll reach out to you anyway, inbound is so much easier.

    Applying the lessons of mycorrhizal fungus to the problems of sellers and buyers

    Ever since my son told me about how mycorrhizal fungi work with trees to exchange nutrients, I have been fascinated by the parallels between fungi and the sales profession. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniella Floss about her work understanding the relationships between plants and fungi, which you can read about here.

    Your best accounts – getting more from less

    For a long time, the only objectives I used for major accounts were very specific business objectives: “We will increase turnover by X%” or “We will introduce two new programs and increase our profitability by Y%.”

    How to help your sales team thrive in the midst of uncertainty

    If there’s one thing the past two years has seen more than any other time in recently memory, it’s change. With new variants of Covid circulating and no clear end to the pandemic in sight, the reality is that we must all become very good at operating in uncertainty for the foreseeable future.

    Value Realization, Value Positioning, Value Creation

    As sales and marketing people, the concept of “Value Proposition” has become fundamental in our positioning in our markets and with our customers.

    External Exposure