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    Here’s Why We’re Revamping Our Sales Methodology

    Come VIBE with us! We’re rolling out a new sales methodology, and we’re ready to let you in on it.

    by George Brontén

    8 Guidelines for a Great 4th Quarter

    The 4th quarter is the accountability quarter.
    Some of you are thinking, “Hey, it’s been a great year,” because you’ve done well in Q1-3. Others are saying, “Ugh,” because you simply didn’t accomplish everything you hoped.

    by Mark Hunter

    How to Qualify a Sales Lead Beyond the Ideal Customer Profile

    When qualifying sales leads, the first lens to look through is the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We discover whether potential prospects are the right size, in the right industry, and are located in the right geographical location. We might also have additional qualifying information, such as marketing data, like digital footprints from websites, and white papers they downloaded.

    by George Brontén

    The changing face of value in B2B sales

    This article, first published in the International Journal of Sales Transformation, leads to the conclusion - which I suspect will come as no surprise to regular readers - that we need to stop talking about the "value" of our so-called "solutions" and start focusing on the value of our customer's outcomes...

    by Bob Apollo

    How to Co-Sell with Channel Partners

    Channel partners provide a way for companies to not only bring their products to market, but to develop long-term profitable relationships that are beneficial to the maker, the seller, and the buyer. But we still have a long way to go to truly unwrap the potential of co-selling relationships with channel partners.

    by George Brontén

    Qualifying, a Primer

    I’ve been writing a series of posts about selling basics. Too often, we take for granted that people understand these. We toss the words around, assuming people understand what we are talking about, what it means, and how it works. In reality, people don’t understand. The link to the series is here. I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks.

    by Dave Brock
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