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    Podcast: Whale Hunting for Winning Bigger Deals with Barbara Weaver Smith

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    Welcome to this episode featuring Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith, the founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters®, co-author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company and author of Whale Hunting with Global Accounts.

    Join us as we explore the essence of sales, the importance of value exchange, and the transformative whale hunting methodology that fuels enterprise success.

    Defining Sales: A Mutual Exchange of Resources (2:20)

    Discover how sales transcends mere transactions, embodying a dynamic exchange of resources between individuals and organizations. Barbara Weaver Smith offers profound insights into the essence of sales, emphasizing the mutual discovery of value as the cornerstone of successful interactions.


    The Modern Application of Whale Hunting (8:47)

    Explore the compelling connection between the whale hunting methodology and contemporary enterprise sales. Discover how the principles of perseverance, adaptability, and resourcefulness from Inuit practices parallel the pursuit of complex sales in the modern business landscape.

    Serving Growth-Oriented Mid-sized Companies (22:24)

    Barbara's methodology primarily caters to solid, mid-sized companies with strong leadership, generating annual revenues ranging from €25 million to €1 billion. Barbara describes how they assist organizations in overcoming growth plateaus and effectively targeting larger customers, fostering passion for growth, excellence, and strategic commitment.

    Whether you're a sales professional seeking innovative approaches or an entrepreneur navigating growth challenges, this podcast episode promises to inspire and enlighten. Embark on this journey of discovery and learn how to whale hunting can help you succeed in enterprise sales.


    Paul Fuller
    Published July 9, 2023
    By Paul Fuller

    Paul Fuller’s stated mission is to help others maximize their gifts by using his.
    Paul has been a pioneer in the sales process and training, sales as a service, content marketing and CRM. As a previous founder and owner of multiple successful growth organizations in these spaces, Paul has effectively trained and led sales and marketing teams across the world to focus on and achieve dynamic growth.

    He firmly believes sales is defined best in three categories:

    • Service - helping other get what they need

    • Leadership - guiding others toward their vision

    • Wayfinding - navigating the path to success together

    He is firmly committed to elevating the sales profession through coaching, leading, and empowering others through systems that enable strong performance.

    Currently Paul leads revenue growth at - the top sales effectiveness CRM in the world. Working with his team, and a group of over 100 top sales consultant organizations across the globe, they are focused at creating scalable growth through sales excellence in companies and teams in over 80 countries.

    Schedule a call with him here.

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