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    Podcast: Why Curiosity Matters with David Brock

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    In the latest episode of the Art and Science of Complex Sales podcast, Paul Fuller sits down with David Brock, Author of "Sales Manager Survival Guide,"​ & CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE to chat about his problem-solving mindset and curiosity helps him understand problems and explore solutions. 

    To Dave, sales is about engaging people and finding shared interests in order to drive change. He discusses the importance of getting people to think differently and committing to executing change together in order to achieve common goals


    One of the challenges Dave mentioned was how traditional selling methods are not working anymore. Dave suggests that B2B buying is changing and that B2B sellers need to find new ways to engage customers and create interest. 

    Key Highlights include:

    • Using your curiosity: Being a problem solver - 8:00
    • Scarcity vs Abundance - 29:30


    Buying process is now digitally led and sales supported and technologies like ChatGPT and other tools are changing the way customers learn about products. It is important to capture people's attention and get them to be curious even when they are not necessarily looking for solutions. 


    How can sellers need to find ways to capture potential customers' attention, and provide them with insights that will help them recognize new opportunities? Tune in to this episode of The Art & Science of Complex Sales Podcast today to learn more.

    Paul Fuller
    Published May 14, 2023
    By Paul Fuller

    Paul Fuller’s stated mission is to help others maximize their gifts by using his.
    Paul has been a pioneer in the sales process and training, sales as a service, content marketing and CRM. As a previous founder and owner of multiple successful growth organizations in these spaces, Paul has effectively trained and led sales and marketing teams across the world to focus on and achieve dynamic growth.

    He firmly believes sales is defined best in three categories:

    • Service - helping other get what they need

    • Leadership - guiding others toward their vision

    • Wayfinding - navigating the path to success together

    He is firmly committed to elevating the sales profession through coaching, leading, and empowering others through systems that enable strong performance.

    Currently Paul leads revenue growth at - the top sales effectiveness CRM in the world. Working with his team, and a group of over 100 top sales consultant organizations across the globe, they are focused at creating scalable growth through sales excellence in companies and teams in over 80 countries.

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