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    Podcast: Insights on Relationships, Value and Design Thinking with Ashley Welch

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    Ever wondered how a sales veteran approaches the process in a way that adds value for both parties involved? Join us in this episode with Co-founder of Somersault Innovation, Ashley Welch


    Defining Relationship and Value in Sales (3:44)

    In this brief conversation between Paul and Ashley, they delve into two crucial concepts in sales: "relationship" and "value." Ashley shares her perspective on building authentic relationships with clients, emphasizing trust, mutual respect, and lasting connections. She also highlights the subjectivity of "value" in sales, emphasizing that it's determined by the customer, not the seller, and discusses the importance of aligning with clients' perceptions of value to achieve successful.


    The concept of concept of design thinking (6:52)

    Ashley says that Design thinking is described as a customer-centric problem-solving process involving five steps. The crucial aspect of design thinking is its focus on understanding the customer's perspective, leading to innovative solutions. A notable example from Bank of America's "Keep the Change Initiative" demonstrates how design thinking shifted the focus from a less effective money clip idea to a highly successful program by thoroughly studying customer behavior and preferences. 



    Effective Coaching on Information Gathering in Sales (18:46)

    Ashley shares that salespeople should think about how valuable a customer is and how big the deal could be. Salespeople can do more research and ask more questions for bigger and more important deals. She also shares that salespeople should talk to the people who will use the product, find useful information, and figure out what's important to tell the customer. This is something that will come with experience, and it will get easier as a salesperson becom more trustworthy and confident by learning from their customers.

    With Ashley Welch Founder & CEO, MotionFirst


    This episode is an exploration into Ashley's innovative take on sales, relationship-building, and the power of co-creation. You won't want to miss this opportunity to see sales through Ashley's perspective.


    Paul Fuller
    Published September 24, 2023
    By Paul Fuller

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    He firmly believes sales is defined best in three categories:

    • Service - helping other get what they need

    • Leadership - guiding others toward their vision

    • Wayfinding - navigating the path to success together

    He is firmly committed to elevating the sales profession through coaching, leading, and empowering others through systems that enable strong performance.

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