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    Podcast - Cultivating a Culture of Value Creation with Alan Versteeg

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    Ever wonder why some sales teams soar while others falter? The answer might lie within the nuances of coaching versus auditing. Join Alan Versteeg, Global Chief Revenue Officer of Growth Matters, as he guides us through the transformative shift from 'cannonball management' to 'cruise missile management,' a strategy that demands real-time action correction to boost sales efficacy.

    Cultivating a Culture of Value Creation (6:45)

    This conversation between Paul and Alan focuses on transforming sales conversations to have a lasting impact. Alan emphasizes embedding key disciplines within the sales culture, rather than merely focusing on individual behavior change. He stresses prioritizing building relationships through relevant conversations that create value and align outcomes. Alan also highlights the role of technology in enabling these conversations and emphasizes the importance of sales managers in supporting their teams to execute strategies effectively. Ultimately, the key takeaway is the necessity of aligning resources and efforts toward enhancing sales conversations to drive customer value.

    Building a Coaching Ecosystem for Effective Conversations (9:11)

    Paul and Alan discuss the importance of developing a coaching ecosystem to enhance sales conversations. Alan highlights the need to understand different coaching paradigms and emphasizes shifting from performance-based to development-oriented coaching. He suggests tailored coaching strategies for improving pipeline volume, value communication, and deal momentum. Alan critiques the common tendency for managers to focus on auditing rather than genuine development. The goal is to create an ecosystem that fosters genuine improvement in sales conversations.



    From Performers to Coaches (16:32)

    Paul and Alan delve into the misconception that top sales performers necessarily make the best coaches. Alan draws parallels from other industries, highlighting that excelling in sales doesn't automatically translate to coaching prowess. They discuss the promotion dilemma prevalent in sales leadership, where top performers were promoted without adequate coaching skills. Alan emphasizes the importance of embedding critical coaching disciplines within organizations. He advocates for leveraging technology to turn data into actionable insights for coaching. Alan stresses the effectiveness of question-based coaching in driving behavioral change, citing neuroscience research by David Rock. He underscores the significance of small behavioral shifts in sales conversations and the challenge of prioritizing coaching amidst the chaos of sales environments.


    Authenticity in Sales Conversations (22:58)

    Paul shares a frustrating encounter with a salesperson who followed a scripted process, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in sales interactions. Alan agrees that such micromanagement is unfortunately common in sales culture. He highlights the shift towards values-based selling over traditional value-based selling, stressing the importance of authenticity and purpose in sales. Alan highlights that companies must move beyond mechanical approaches and focus on unlocking human potential in sales conversations. Alan calls for a shift in organizational culture towards prioritizing conversations that truly enhance the customer experience.

    Paul Fuller
    Published February 11, 2024
    By Paul Fuller

    Paul Fuller’s stated mission is to help others maximize their gifts by using his.
    Paul has been a pioneer in the sales process and training, sales as a service, content marketing and CRM. As a previous founder and owner of multiple successful growth organizations in these spaces, Paul has effectively trained and led sales and marketing teams across the world to focus on and achieve dynamic growth.

    He firmly believes sales is defined best in three categories:

    • Service - helping other get what they need

    • Leadership - guiding others toward their vision

    • Wayfinding - navigating the path to success together

    He is firmly committed to elevating the sales profession through coaching, leading, and empowering others through systems that enable strong performance.

    Currently Paul leads revenue growth at - the top sales effectiveness CRM in the world. Working with his team, and a group of over 100 top sales consultant organizations across the globe, they are focused at creating scalable growth through sales excellence in companies and teams in over 80 countries.

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