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    How to improve sales with the right type of empathy

    Empathy gets a lot of lip service in sales circles. We talk about how to transform sales with empathy. The importance of empathy in coaching. Whether some people have a sales advantage due to natural empathetic abilities. And the role of empathy in AI’s ability (or inability) to support or even replace salespeople.

    The eight prospecting paradoxes that cause selling schizophrenia

    As sales teams rapidly reinvent themselves, their skills, activities and the way they sell, the real transformation needed to achieve your goals starts with not just changing, but expanding your thinking. There’s always more than one perception.

    FDR and sir Isaac Newton on why salespeople fail

    There we were, in the dark, in the middle of a hotel parking lot, at 3:45 AM. Why? The hotel fire alarm went off and we didn't want to ignore the warning that was so loud my wife and I couldn't hear each other speak. Why was every other guest in the hotel parking lot with us? Well, what if the hotel was on fire? What if our lives were truly in danger?

    How and why fear is sabotaging your sales

    Salespeople can be some of the most fearless people in the world. It takes guts to pick up the phone again after you’ve been told “no” over and over. It takes guts to step in front of committees of decision-makers and tell them why they need to change and place their trust in your and your company to help them.

    How to sabotage your sales with bad assumptions

    Every great salesperson knows that a bad assumption can kill a deal. Assume that the buyer understands the cost of not acting. Assume that the buyer understands the benefits of your offering. Assume that they know where to find the budget for your solution. Assume that they are the primary decision-maker.

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