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    Is Your Sales Process Backwards, Upside Down or Stupid?

    My wife and I recently watched the new funny but sad movie, Here and Now, written and directed by Billy Crystal, who stars as comedy writer Charlie Burnz. In one scene, Charlie recalled a happier time when his family used to have what they called "upside down day." On upside down day they started the day by eating dessert, had dinner for lunch, and finally ate breakfast for dinner.

    Is Your Sales Process a Help or a Hindrance?

    Far too frequently, competent salespeople are expected to channel their own activities into the areas that will produce the quickest wins. Unfortunately, left to their own devices, they don’t develop and pursue a formal strategy for moving a sale tangibly forward during each prospect interaction, neither do they have a clearly defined set of goals against which to measure the progress they are making.

    Three steps to improved negotiation and sales success

    What happens when a salesperson isn’t an effective negotiator? Often, they simply write a proposal.

    8 Common Prospecting Problems and Their Solutions

    Prospecting is hard. In my experience, very few organizations have fully cracked the nut of how to do it well across the entire organization.

    Is prospecting really the toughest thing in sales?

    Was just reading yet another post with “market data” declaring prospecting the most difficult aspect of sales. Thousands of blog posts about both the difficulty and importance of prospecting have been published in the past 5-7 years.

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