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The Harder the Questions; The Easier the Sale

Have you ever left a sales appointment and wished you had said something else? Or have you ever debriefed a sales rep’s call and find they didn’t ask the next logical question, and now critical information is missing?

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Sales Process and Why So Many Salespeople Lose Their Way

Recently I was on Interstate 90, the MassPike, driving home from the airport in a wind-driven rainstorm. It was so bad I couldn't see the white lines that divide the three lanes nor could I see the Jersey barriers dividing the eastbound from the westbound traffic.

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Predictable Buying

We spend lots of time and money trying to create predictable revenue, increasing the predictability of our sales approaches. We constantly engineer, refine, tune and re-engineer what we do and how we engage our customers to produce POs.

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Win more with old-fashioned, in-person sales meetings

Despite reports to the contrary, the old-fashioned, in-person sales meeting isn’t dead.

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Selling against the status quo

You’re probably all too well aware of the statistic that the majority of apparently well-qualified complex B2B buying journeys end with the potential customer either deciding to do nothing or to change nothing.

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How to stop losing sales – forever

What if I told you that our organization never loses a sale? It’s true. We never do. We also don’t pursue opportunities.

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How to stop chasing Will-o-the-wisps

In ancient English lore, a Will-o-the-wisp is a mischievous spirit of swampy and dark places that uses a lantern-like light to lure unwary travelers off the path. Travelers may mistake the Will-o-the-wisp for a fellow traveler leading the way or for a kindlier spirit, such as a Leprechaun, who might lead them to treasure.

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Here are 5 reasons your sales process will fail

Sales process often fails. You may be surprised to hear me say that. You know I preach process, process, process every day on my blog and in person. But the reality is that process alone won’t save your organization, and it could actually be hurting you.

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Don't Let The Buying Journey Turn your salespeople into lapdogs

I admit, I’m not a dog person. But those little lapdogs some people carry around are kind of cute, especially when they do little tricks like speak on command or walk at their owner’s heel.