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Moving from Selling as an Art to Selling as a Science

We seem to be approaching or passing the tipping point where leading sales practitioners view successful selling as a disciplined, focused, engineered approach to engaging and creating value for customers. Stated differently: we're moving more toward selling as a science.

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How to increase win rates 2x with structured buyer alignment

Year after year, study after study, the data confirms that a buyer aligned sales strategy improves win rates, quota attainment, and overall sales performance. For instance, this CSO Insights study indicates that the implementation of a formal or dynamic buyer alignment improves win rates from 40.5% (for no alignment) to 53%. Our client Analitek doubled their win rates.

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Why having a budget isn’t always a positive qualifier

John Holland of CustomerCentric Selling® makes an interesting point in a blog article. Many sales people who have been brought up on an over-literal interpretation of BANT may believe that the absence of a budget for a project should be a reason to disqualify an opportunity.

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Opportunity qualification is a continuous process

If you’re involved in complex, lengthy and high-value B2B sales environments, you can’t afford to regard opportunity qualification as a one-off exercise. You need to think of it as an ongoing process, in which you continually accumulate new learning as well as regularly revalidating any previous assumptions.

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Revisiting the Buyers Journey

I can still remember the powerful inspiration I gained from my first reading of Hugh Macfarlane’s “The Leaky Funnel” – the 2003 book that first drew the B2B sales and marketing community’s attention to the concept of the buyer’s journey.

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Is bad sales logic destroying your profit?

There is an epidemic in the sales industry, and it’s destroying profits. Year after year, sales effectiveness continues to decline, and while the causes are many and complex, there is one big problem that is causing way more trouble than it should.

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3 ways your salespeople are multiplying by zero

Grab a ten-year-old and they can remind you of this important math concept: Any number multiplied by zero, is zero.

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4 mistakes that lead to an ineffective sales process

All too often salespeople are told that in order to achieve their sales targets they need to network and build relationships, assist potential clients with decision making, or confirm joint commitments.

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How to optimize sales effectiveness with Membrain

Many sales leaders remember when Salesforce hit the market in 1999 and created a buzz around how it was going to make sales more efficient and effective and increased pipeline visibility.