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    How to take sales coaches from good to great with sales process

    Nate Tutas is a former United States Marine Corp Infantryman turned sales consultant, and we’re lucky to have him on our sales team at Membrain. He recently starred in an episode of the Sales and Cigars podcast, talking about how sales process can transform sales managers into great coaches. Here are the key takeaways from that appearance

    Sales forecasts do not have to be as wrong as fortune cookies

    There has been much talk in the news about forecasts - and while most have been wrong they are still more accurate than Fortune Cookies!

    How to stop chasing symptoms and get to the root of your sales problems

    When I ask sales leaders to talk about problems they’re experiencing with their sales, they all seem to have different ideas about what’s in the way of higher performance. For some, it’s poor forecasting. For others, it’s low win rates. Many invest in training only to be disappointed when it's quickly forgotten.

    Free tool makes it easy to design your sales process

    The most successful sales teams use a customer-focused sales process that can be executed consistently and flexibly. Our sales enablement CRM is the best in the industry for helping teams to execute effectively.

    Is Your Sales Process Backwards, Upside Down or Stupid?

    My wife and I recently watched the new funny but sad movie, Here and Now, written and directed by Billy Crystal, who stars as comedy writer Charlie Burnz. In one scene, Charlie recalled a happier time when his family used to have what they called "upside down day." On upside down day they started the day by eating dessert, had dinner for lunch, and finally ate breakfast for dinner.

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