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    How to make your sales process as compelling as a tree

    There’s an Oxel tree standing beside an ancient fisherman’s shack on the Swedish island of Gotland. Although the shack is just a single room with no amenities, and the tree is just a tree, there is something about the sight and the energy of the place that compels me.

    3 sources of commercial inefficiency related to the sales process

    In manufacturing companies, production departments are generally efficient and effective. Unfortunately, most sales departments are not.

    From sales process to buying journey

    The idea of a “sales process” has been around since long before I was offered my first sales role. The concept has been heavily promoted by the mainstream sales methodology vendors and adopted with varying degrees of effectiveness by many sales organisations.

    Stop your churn and grow faster with a customer success mindset

    Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars in sales due to bad customer service. In 2016, a survey from NewVoiceMedia quantified the amount of money lost that year by US businesses at roughly $62 billion.

    What problem is the customer trying to solve?

    Pause for a moment. Look at your qualified pipeline. Start at the bottom. Can you identify the problem the customer is trying to solve? Or the opportunity they are trying to address?

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