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Speed Limits, the Flow of Traffic, and Sales Pipelines

I don't get stressed anymore when I'm driving. All it took was for me to not exceed the speed limit.

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Here are our top 3 most popular posts from 2018

Every year on the Membrain blog, we publish more than 100 articles. Of those 100, a few inevitably rise to the top in popularity.

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Sales pipeline management: let’s stop confusing progress with probability

Sales forecasting is hard. For proof, you need look no further than the 2018 CSO Insights Sales Performance study, which reported that on average a little over 46% of all forecasted sales deals actually resulted in a win (never mind the timing).

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4 sales processes you really don’t want to automate

Sales automation is often touted as the next big thing for sales teams. It promises to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and improve bottom lines. And in transactional sales, it might even eliminate the need for human salespeople altogether.

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Have you noticed that your sales training sucks?

Sales training is big business. Every year, organizations pour millions of dollars into sending their teams to workshops, conferences, online programs, and bringing in onsite training. Every year, most of that investment goes straight down the drain.

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How to Build a Foundational Sales Playbook

When leaders build or rebuild sales teams, they often move quickly to hire the best individual contributors available and allow each to leverage their own skills and experiences to find success.

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Who is the “Decision Maker”? 3 common sales mistakes and how to solve them

Most salespeople don’t really know what a buying decision maker is, even though they think they do. This fact is an often unidentified cause of painful late-game losses. These salespeople may think the decision maker is the executive, or the budget holder, or whoever is in charge of procurement.

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Is sales "process" really the right metaphor?

The term “sales process” has become an almost universal cliché (and yes, I have been as guilty as the rest). Research is regularly published to prove that organisations with a defined “sales process” outperform their less well organised competitors.

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Where is your prospect in their buying journey?

One of the main reasons why apparently well-qualified sales opportunities fail to close or move forward is that the sales person is so intent on pursuing their sales campaign that they fail to accurately diagnose where their prospect is in their buying journey.