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Is your CRM an Epic-level failure?

Atul Gawande is best known for his work in reducing patient death rates by 47% by implementing the simple practice of mandatory checklists among the surgeons.

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Are You Learning Yesterday’s Skills For Tomorrow’s Buyers?

Every time I meet sales enablement and sales executives, I ask, “What are the critical skills you are focusing on training and developing your people on?

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Automating Stupidity

I have a very good friend, Dr. Howard Dover. He does wickedly smart things in driving the sales curriculum at UT Dallas. Every once in a while, I get terribly frustrated and need to vent and Howard lets me vent.

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Have you noticed that your sales training sucks?

Sales training is big business. Every year, organizations pour millions of dollars into sending their teams to workshops, conferences, online programs, and bringing in onsite training. Every year, most of that investment goes straight down the drain.

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How to Make the Mistakes that Cost a German Grocer $500 Million

In July, German grocery chain Lidl announced that it was calling it quits on a massive project to upgrade their inventory management system, a project they had spent around $500 million on.

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Want to Get Good at Change Management? Think Like Sir Isaac Newton

We’ve all been here before. Whether we’re the CEO moving the company in a new direction, a CRO introducing new products or sales methodologies, an IT Director launching a new SaaS solution, a PM shepherding a project through the corporate gauntlet, or even simply an analyst trying to get others to recognize and act upon what we’ve discovered, we’re all trying to create change in our organizations.

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How to scale your small team to operate like a big one

In today’s coaches corner, we’re discussing how to move your sales team upstream from making small sales to small business, to engaging and closing enterprise business, without adding necessarily new members to the team.

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How to train your people not to think

I heard a horror story from a sales leader recently whose organization uses about 15 different sales tools. One day, the "cadance tool" was glitching and unusable.

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Behind the Scenes with Tamara Schenk, Sales Enablement Book Co-Author

Perhaps more than anyone else in the world, Tamara Schenk knows sales enablement. She has been conducting research and publishing studies and research-based blog posts on the topic with CSO Insights for many years and is the top expert to consult when you want hard data and deep insights.