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You Need More Than Technology to Solve Your Sales Problems

If you’re like me, you’re bombarded with advertisements for sales enablement technologies that claim they’ll increase your revenue, improve profits, make your life easier, and probably butter your toast as well.

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How much are you spending on lost sales talent?

Sales employee turnover has reached crisis proportions and threatens to get worse before it gets better. According to Forbes, employee turnover in sales averages above 20%, and rises to 34% or higher if you include both voluntary and involuntary turnover.

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Who should head up enablement?

When they were little, my kids were great salespeople. If they wanted something and they knew it was going to be a hard sell, they’d establish rapport by doing something nice for us, look for an angle on how their desired decision would benefit us, and carefully select the right “decision maker” (mom or dad?) and optimal timing for their pitch.

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5 steps to get sales enablement right

The number of companies with a dedicated sales enablement function has increased from less than 20% to more than 60% in just a few years[1]. On average, organizations that invest in a dedicated sales enablement function improve sales results by 29%, according to a study by Vantage Point Performance.

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How to handle the many-headed hydra of sales technology

In ancient days, there was a great sea serpent with sharp teeth, poisonous breath, and many heads. It was called the hydra, and it terrorized all who came near.

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3 ways your marketing team is wasting their time

You know this story. Sales thinks marketing is out of touch. Marketing thinks sales is lazy.

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Here are our top 3 most popular posts from 2018

Every year on the Membrain blog, we publish more than 100 articles. Of those 100, a few inevitably rise to the top in popularity.

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Is your CRM an Epic-level failure?

Atul Gawande is best known for his work in reducing patient death rates by 47% by implementing the simple practice of mandatory checklists among the surgeons.

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Are You Learning Yesterday’s Skills For Tomorrow’s Buyers?

Every time I meet sales enablement and sales executives, I ask, “What are the critical skills you are focusing on training and developing your people on?