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Here's how to reduce friction in sales

“The mitigation of friction which impedes sales.” That’s Bob Britton, in a guest post on this blog, defining sales enablement. While I’ve certainly heard more extensive definitions, I find Bob’s concept to be pleasingly simple and useful.

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The MOST important thing to know about sales enablement

It’s not often that a piece of research comes out that really shakes the sales game. Recently, I believe that a CSO Insights report did just that.

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A Brief History of the CRM

For salespeople entering the workforce today, it may be unimaginable that there once was a time before CRM. A time when contacts were managed in a flip file of actual physical cards with names and phone numbers written on them by hand.

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Great Selling Is “Habit Forming!”

I’m sure you’ve experienced something that gives you a “rush.” It’s when, all of a sudden, everything just falls into place, everything is working as it should, it seems effortless.

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Transforming your sales approach? Here’s why you should buy a new CRM too.

Many organizations treat investments in sales effectiveness a series of buckets: One for strategy, one for the sales process, one for training, enablement content, coaching, analysis, individual salesperson performance… and so on. Along the way, companies bolt on numerous tools to their legacy CRM, one after the other.

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Is your sales technology a "tomtebloss"?

Like many Americans, we Swedish celebrate the New Year with fireworks, sparkling wine, and lots of snacks. Among our children, "tomtebloss" are a particular favorite. In the US, I think they're called sparklers.

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The mashup of Sales Enablementand Sales Effectiveness to Drive Sales Productivity

I’ll be speaking on this topic at ATD ICE this year in the Sales Enablement Track. The goal of the presentation is to share how to support sales effectiveness best practices with sales enablement systems to improve your sales productivity (your sales force’s ability to generate profitable revenue). In this post, I will lay the foundational of concepts that fuel the mashup and will continue the discussion at the conference.

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You Need More Than Technology to Solve Your Sales Problems

If you’re like me, you’re bombarded with advertisements for sales enablement technologies that claim they’ll increase your revenue, improve profits, make your life easier, and probably butter your toast as well.

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How much are you spending on lost sales talent?

Sales employee turnover has reached crisis proportions and threatens to get worse before it gets better. According to Forbes, employee turnover in sales averages above 20%, and rises to 34% or higher if you include both voluntary and involuntary turnover.