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How to Navigate the Jungle of Sales Tech

An interview with Smart Selling Tools founder, Nancy Nardin

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Why sales content needs to be integrated to your CRM

Getting the right content to salespeople at the right time to serve potential customers has been a struggle for a long time. In the old days, when a company might produce only one or two all-purpose sales slicks, the solution was as simple as training salespeople when to hand the brochure over.

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Sales Playbook and CRM Problems - What the Data Tells Us

I can't remember a spring where the pollen was worse than in 2018. You go to the car wash and an hour later your beautiful car is covered in yellow crud and you're out $20. A waste.

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How to make your sales strategy practically plug and play

Every year, sales organizations pour millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours into developing sales strategies, and then sticking them in a binder on a shelf and ignoring them.

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Why your reps don't have good value conversations and how to fix it

Everybody knows that value conversations are important to sales success, but remarkably few sales teams consistently execute on the concept. It can be frustrating to teach reps the importance of value-based selling, to enroll them in training, and to watch them continue to try to sell features or have generic sales conversations that go nowhere.

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Sales Enablers: For Best Results, Focus on Sales Force Performance (not Sales Reps)

Have you reviewed sales enablement job descriptions lately? As members of the burgeoning Sales Enablement Society or the Sales Enablement Community of ATD (and almost anyone close to the Sales Enablement market) will tell you, "sales enablement" means different things to different people, and is being executed differently in different organizations. This certainly is apparent in the job descriptions I've reviewed.

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Here's how to tell if Membrain is right for you

Choosing the right CRM for your organization can be tough, and fraught with perils. The wrong choice can be expensive both from a direct cost perspective, and in lost productivity and poor adoption rates.

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Why we're failing at sales and marketing alignment

Strong sales and marketing alignment is the holy grail for many organizations. It promises higher win rates, better revenue, and faster growth. Yet according to a Forrester report, only 8% of organizations achieve it, and in my experience, many have given up trying.

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7 new ways to improve sales effectiveness

In the five years since we launched the Membrain platform (time flies!), the sales industry has seen a lot of new technologies grow popular. Software like marketing automation and online collaboration tools, as well as better hardware like smartphones and tablets, have made a big impact. Some of these new technologies, when used as part of a solid sales effectiveness strategy, can be critical to improved performance.