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    Top 5 sales habits to start in the New Year

    Research shows that most New Year resolutions are abandoned within the first three months. In fact, if you made a resolution and have stuck to it firmly after even just a few days, you’re already ahead of a large portion of resolvers.

    Sales Role Specialization

    A couple of people I deeply respect have written outstanding pieces arguing that we have take sales role specialization too far. Amy Volas wrote, “Is Sales Over-segmented,” Bob Apollo wrote, “Has role specialisation in B2B selling gone too far?” (There Bob goes with his “English” spelling.) Both articles are outstanding.

    Here's why I’m excited to greet the New Year

    There’s no question 2020 has been a year for the history books, and not necessarily in a good way. The impact of the pandemic + political uncertainty and upheaval has taken its toll.

    Hedgehog Your Sales Organization

    Years ago, while I was working for a company in the sales trenches, a fellow salesperson was always struggling to make his number. He would fight and claw to get approval on small opportunities that were not really in our sweet spot.

    Good to great sales teams

    Jim Collins’ bestselling book, “Good to Great” has been a roadmap followed by many companies striving for greatness. It’s also a nice reminder about not settling for just “good.” I’ve been re-reading it lately, as I sometimes do, and couldn’t help thinking about the many parallels between the book’s central research and a sales organization.

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    External Exposure