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    What human salespeople can learn from fungal “sales associates”

    Daniella Floss is the manager of Rhizosphere Research at Valent BioSciences. She’s a leading expert on the topic of communication between plants and fungus, and her work is changing the way humans conduct agriculture.

    Sellers, Be the Heroic Expert — for Your Buyer

    When buyer/seller harmony is achieved, more than a sale is made. Value is exchanged. Yet, for a number of reasons, sellers are about as in harmony with their buyers as I am in singing along with the radio.

    How to Build an Effective Sales System in Layers

    Top performing sales teams aren’t just teams, their training isn’t just training, and they don’t just use software. The best sales organizations are much more than a collection of parts - they’re a coordinated system made up of many smaller and interrelated systems.

    Are You Winning Enough?

    This may seem very basic, but I’m constantly surprised by how little we address the issue of “Are we winning enough?” Of course, there are a number of ways to consider and respond to the question.

    How to increase your average deal size

    Increasing average deal size can be a great way to grow revenue. Larger deals can provide higher profits with lower cost of delivery. They may require less total sales team involvement per dollar. And they can help to even out peaks and valleys in your sales trends.

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