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The sales methodology that outperforms all others

Every established sales methodology attracts its own fan base. Some are fans of SPIN®, others Challenger®, Miller-Heiman, Sandler, Solution Selling® and so on – the list goes on for ages. I’m particularly but not exclusively attracted to "value selling" myself.

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Here are our top 3 most popular posts from 2018

Every year on the Membrain blog, we publish more than 100 articles. Of those 100, a few inevitably rise to the top in popularity.

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How to sync the brains of buying committees and make the sale

Take several mechanical metronomes and set them to tick at different speeds, so that you create a chaos of random sound. Tick tick tock ticktick tick tickticktick tocktock tick. This is what buying committees can feel like. A chaos of random ticking in different directions at different speeds, all of it coming to nothing.

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Confronting ‘The Challenger Sale’

The Challenger Sale has been called the best marketed but worse executed sales program in history. Is this assessment fair or evidence of sour grapes from a few industry experts who wish they could claim the 800,000+ graduates and 500,000+ books sold since 2011?

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Why your reps don't have good value conversations and how to fix it

Everybody knows that value conversations are important to sales success, but remarkably few sales teams consistently execute on the concept. It can be frustrating to teach reps the importance of value-based selling, to enroll them in training, and to watch them continue to try to sell features or have generic sales conversations that go nowhere.

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What exactly is a value proposition?

Everybody knows you need a good value proposition in order to sell effectively. But does anyone know exactly what a value proposition is? If you ask 100 sales professionals, you’ll likely get 100 different definitions, some more useful than others.

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How to transform sales effectiveness with empathy

There are a lot of skills and techniques that are important to sales effectiveness, but few are as overlooked and undervalued as empathy. We don’t talk about it when we’re building sales process, we rarely discuss it in sales meetings, and it’s not usually mentioned in sales training.

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How to visualize value to dramatically improve sales outcomes

Few factors impact the success of a sale more than how you communicate the value that your product or service will bring to the customer. Yet many salespeople fail at having meaningful value conversations with their prospects.

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Why Membrain is the sexiest software in the sales industry, according to this expert

“It’s the sexiest software to manage sales I’ve ever seen, and makes my job of managing and scaling the business easier.”