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Confronting ‘The Challenger Sale’

The Challenger Sale has been called the best marketed but worse executed sales program in history. Is this assessment fair or evidence of sour grapes from a few industry experts who wish they could claim the 800,000+ graduates and 500,000+ books sold since 2011?

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Why your reps don't have good value conversations and how to fix it

Everybody knows that value conversations are important to sales success, but remarkably few sales teams consistently execute on the concept. It can be frustrating to teach reps the importance of value-based selling, to enroll them in training, and to watch them continue to try to sell features or have generic sales conversations that go nowhere.

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How to transform sales effectiveness with empathy

There are a lot of skills and techniques that are important to sales effectiveness, but few are as overlooked and undervalued as empathy. We don’t talk about it when we’re building sales process, we rarely discuss it in sales meetings, and it’s not usually mentioned in sales training.

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Why Membrain is the sexiest software in the sales industry, according to this expert

“It’s the sexiest software to manage sales I’ve ever seen, and makes my job of managing and scaling the business easier.”

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Where is your prospect in their buying journey?

One of the main reasons why apparently well-qualified sales opportunities fail to close or move forward is that the sales person is so intent on pursuing their sales campaign that they fail to accurately diagnose where their prospect is in their buying journey.

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Are you selling "me-too" or "breakthrough"?

Have you ever wondered why so many apparently promising B2B sales opportunities end with the prospect deciding to either stick with the status quo or choose the cheapest from a set of apparently similar options? Or why even if they do have a preference, the customer is often only willing to pay a very modest premium for what they see as no more than a "slightly better" solution?

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Creating a new axis for SPIN® Selling

Like many people of my generation, I was brought up on SPIN® Selling. It’s a little chastening to reflect on the fact that the book was first published nearly 30 years ago, but it (as Neil Rackham himself pointed out in a recent APS conference) remains a highly relevant element of the complex B2B sales toolkit.

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Solution Selling vs The Challenger Sale

  The Challenger Sale is essential reading for anyone in complex B2B selling and many enterprise sales organizations are embracing the concepts.

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Why your buyers are focusing on the wrong things

It’s a tale as old as time. A sales team is closing in on a deal when, at the last minute, a competitor takes home the win. Being the good salespeople that they are, the team checks in with the customer to find out why they lost the deal, and the answer frustrates them. The buyer made the decision based on utterly meaningless criteria.