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Stretching your customer's value gap

Whenever your customer sees little meaningful difference between their current situation and their future potential, they will be inclined to stick with the status quo.

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Can a unique Way of Selling win more deals?

My wife and I love a little restaurant near our home. They have the absolute best poke bowl we’ve eaten anywhere.

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The Golden Egg(s) Nestling in Your Basket

From quite early on, in our sales careers, we are encouraged to explore every sales opportunity that presents itself – in fact, in some companies, they are brainwashed into believing that “all business is good business.”

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It Is ALWAYS About Execution

I’ve been writing a lot about our Sales Execution Framework and a “Back To Basics” approach to sales management and selling. These articles have generated some interesting calls and reactions.

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Here’s why you need to stop talking about sales opportunities

Words can change your brain. That’s the conclusion of Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman in their book by that title, and they should know.

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A fresh perspective on the Challenger Sale research

First published in 2011, “The Challenger Sale” must be one of the most widely-read sales books of the past decade, and with good reason. Together with its successor “The Challenger Customer” (which I believe is an even more influential book), it served to introduce powerful new perspectives about today’s increasingly complex B2B sales environment.

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How to improve performance with a shared sales language

In the sales industry, we often talk about how process, methodology, technology, and enablement can improve performance.

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The fundamental principles of value-based selling

It’s a sad fact that today’s average B2B sales person is still far more comfortable talking about their products than they are discussing business issues. However the average B2B buyer regards a sales person’s relevant business knowledge as being far more valuable than their ability to regurgitate product features, functions and benefits.

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How to Know if You Are You Really Selling Consultatively

Most of the CEOs and sales leaders I speak with agree that their sales organizations need to be more effective at taking a consultative approach to selling. They insist that they talk about it often and that their salespeople are doing OK with a consultative approach.