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    Critical to B2B sales success - stakeholder assessments

    One of the most common reasons why apparently promising B2B sales opportunities get derailed - often at a late stage in our sales cycle - is that we have failed to identify all the key stakeholders or to understand how to get them all to support our approach.

    A brief history of sales opportunity qualification

    The quality and accuracy of opportunity qualification is widely acknowledged to be a key predictor of future sales success - and a critical differentiator between the best salespeople and the rest.

    A next gen sales methodology

    Recently, I wrote Which Sales Methodology, suggesting the 21 plus sales methodologies may not be sufficient as we look to the future. I’m not sure I’ll present a methodology for the future, but I will suggest design principles for a Next Gen Sales Methodology.

    This is why some B2B customers are still buying in the current climate

    There’s no doubt that the vast majority - if not all - of discretionary, could-put-it-off until later B2B purchases are being deferred in the current climate.

    Your competition isn’t who you think it is

    I was involved in a discussion with a team on a very large opportunity. It seemed an inordinate part of the discussion focused on the competition.

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