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    Improper Use of BANT Will Cause You to Kill Opportunities

    I received an email asking me to check out an article on the blog that featured an infographic they hoped I would promote. The article focuses on the middle of the funnel and the handoff between marketing and sales.

    Is “being present” the next big sales skill your team needs to develop?

    When you think of skills your sales team needs, the words “being present” probably don’t pop to mind. But when I spoke with Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success and president of the sales leadership development firm Sales Leadership, she listed “being present” as the key skill salespeople and their managers need in order to build trust with each other and with buyers.

    Routine price objections: are you prepared?

    Be prepared for routinely heard price objections! It’s a piece of advice that I’ve given to hundreds of clients. Identify the list of price objections that salespeople hear on a regular basis, and then prepare the most effective responses for diffusing those objections.

    How to win more deals with stakeholder mapping

    In my experience, the #1 problem for salespeople engaged in complex b2b sales is failing to understand how customers and prospects make decisions.

    Ditching the ’Itch to Pitch’

    Whether proactively reaching out to potential future customers or responding to inbound enquiries, salespeople and business development reps in complex B2B sales environments often find themselves having to make a large number of contact attempts in order to get a single new conversation started.

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