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    Ditching the ’Itch to Pitch’

    Whether proactively reaching out to potential future customers or responding to inbound enquiries, salespeople and business development reps in complex B2B sales environments often find themselves having to make a large number of contact attempts in order to get a single new conversation started.

    Don’t Be One of “Those” People

    If you’re not nurturing relationships, you’re throwing away good business and hot referral leads.

    Profit derives from usage - not initial purchase

    Business customers have become increasingly used to as-a-service models, rather than outright purchase - and many of them have come to prefer it.

    Advance or disqualify!

    In his best-selling sales guidebook “SPIN® Selling”, Neil Rackham identified four potential outcomes from every significant conversation with a prospective customer in a complex B2B sales environment: a win, an advance, a continuation or a clear “no sale”. I’ll define these outcomes in a moment.

    Critical to B2B sales success - stakeholder assessments

    One of the most common reasons why apparently promising B2B sales opportunities get derailed - often at a late stage in our sales cycle - is that we have failed to identify all the key stakeholders or to understand how to get them all to support our approach.

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    External Exposure