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Here are 5 Simple Steps to Make Sales Training Stick

U.S. companies spent $90.6 billion on training in 2017*. Of that, about $20 billion was spent on sales-specific training, representing an average expenditure of about $5000 per representative per year*.

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What sales teams can learn from high jumpers

In some ways, salespeople are a lot like athletes. They operate in a highly competitive field, and their performance is directly related to their skills, their capabilities, and their personal drive. In both cases, a certain amount of inborn talent is necessary to reach the highest levels of performance.

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Do this one thing to improve your sales team’s performance

An Interview with Mike Weinberg

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These 4 powers will make your sales coaches better

Steven Rosen knows coaching. As the founder and CEO of STAR Results, he has been helping sales and business unit leaders “crush their numbers” for 14 years, by transferring focus from training to coaching.

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This Simple Strategy Will Sell Your ROI and Value Proposition Every Time

Most salespeople can calculate ROI and explain it to their prospects, but many of them find it equally difficult to articulate that same ROI after they have been presented with a price objection.  

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5 steps that will make your managers into better coaches

“I’ve been involved in more than 30,000 deal reviews, 30,000 sales call reviews, thousands of forecast reviews, and more. That means I have a rich and varied… and sometimes painful… experience with coaching.”

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How to ask better coaching questions

Great coaching makes it easy for your sales team to execute on sales process and methodology. It supports skills growth and reinforces the right behaviors at the right times. It also improves ramp-up times and reduces excessive turnover.

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These Four Limiting Beliefs are Undermining Your Sales

“Every salesperson has a collection of beliefs. When they are positive beliefs, they support positive sales outcomes. When the beliefs are negative, they sabotage ideal sales outcomes. Our thoughts and beliefs influence our actions, and our actions lead to outcomes.”

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Why your best performers make terrible managers

Sales coaching is an important key to improving sales performance. The coach is the salesperson’s most important connection inside the organization, and the coach’s success or failure impacts the success and failure of the entire team.