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    7 Ways to Develop Managers into World Class Sales Coaches

    Sales performance is at an all-time low. Missed forecasts have been a problem for as long as I’ve been in the sales business, but the pandemic and resulting shifts in buying behavior and customer needs has caused performance to plummet almost across the board.

    How to Ice Cream Boomerang the Best out of Your Sales Team

    Outstanding coaching can be the critical multiplier for any team. Kjell Enhager would know. He’s a globally recognized coach who works with corporations, orchestras, actors, and world-class athletes in golf, tennis, skiing, horseback riding, and hockey.

    The Seven Types of Sales Managers

    Since 1989, I’ve had the honor of coaching thousands of managers globally. Of course, every manager possesses their own personality, talents, skills, goals, and approach to managing their team. I’ve been able to identify the seven, most common types of managers, so you can self-assess and uncover the areas to focus on that will make you a world-class, resilient leader and coach. Which one best describes you – or your manager?

    10 Questions That Build Trust and Make People Coachable, Accountable, and Engaged

    Ever wonder why people are resistant to coaching? Do you feel like people are telling you what they think you want to hear? The fact is, your people are scared of you; and coaching. If you want a team of coachable sales champions, here are ten critical questions every manager needs to ask to ensure people understand your positive intentions and the benefits of coaching, or run the risk of having your people hide from you.

    Your Customers Aren’t Buying Your Product, So Why Do You Keep Selling It?

    I’ve been sitting in a lot of deal reviews recently. The clients are in varied businesses, ranging from software technologies, medical devices, capital equipment, electronic components, financial services, and so forth.

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