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Do women make better salespeople than men?

When I meet sales leaders for the first time, one of the questions I usually ask is, “Who is your top salesperson?” Very often, the answer is the name of a woman.

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What the Top 10% of All Salespeople Do Better

The best athletes in the world know exactly how they do the things they do that make them so great. In addition to their God-given talent, they outworked everyone else to master the mechanics and nuances of their sport, the mindset required for greatness, and competed at a high level from a very young age.  When they falter they can easily make the adjustments necessary to get back on track.

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Are your sales people suffering from value vagueness?

Whether they are involved in winning new business or seeking to retain or expand existing business relationships, one of the key things that every member of your sales organisation needs to understand is how they establish unique value for each existing or prospective customer.

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“There’s a Hole in Our Bucket, Dear CEO, Dear CEO”

I have a two-part question for you: Last year, how much money did your company spend/invest in attempting to win new business? Prospecting? And now the second part: How much money did your company spend/invest in endeavouring to retain your existing clients/customers?

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5 secrets to perfect the timing of your sales proposal

You’ve nailed your opening call, delivered a superb value proposition and you’ve piqued your client’s curiosity. But there’s only a small window of opportunity to present a proposal, so timing is mission critical. Are you sure you’re ready – and what about the client? Is there such a thing as too soon in the world of consultative selling?

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Are Sales People Afraid Cold Calling Will Die?

My apologies, up front, I have been trying to resist plunging into yet another discussion about cold calling. The proponents of cold calling (I’m one) and the opponents of cold calling are about as likely to reach agreement as the Democrats and Republicans in Congress are. We each tend to be staunch in our positions, showing zero flexibility in looking at another alternative.

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Are you doing your win loss analysis wrong?

Win loss analysis is a critical tool for understanding and improving sales performance. Unfortunately, most sales organizations do not do them well, and miss out on most of the benefit. Are you making one of these four common win loss analysis mistakes?

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Here's something you should stop doing this year

Sometimes improved performance lies in what you do. Sometimes, it lies in what you stop doing. If better sales results are part of your plan this year, here are some things you should stop doing right now.

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The Myth Of The “Single Decisionmaker”

How many people are involved in the customer buying decision? If you are a fan of CEBs research, the answer is 6.8. Other research says there is always a single dominant decision-maker. Still other research suggests there is a dominant influencer (or mobilizer), that drives the decision-making.