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    It’s the kiss of death in sales

    Tell me, ever hear a salesperson say something like this: “Just had a great meeting. I think there is going to be $100,000 (or $10,000 or $1MM) of business there!”

    How to scale SaaS without a messy tech stack

    Almost every B2B SaaS company runs into growing pains when it comes time to scale beyond a single salesperson or two and the original leadership team. Often, this happens when there’s an influx of venture capital and a need to grow quickly to satisfy stakeholder demands.

    Stop wasting time prospecting!

    95% of our prospecting is just wasted time, so just stop it! It’s too much time to find that 5% who want to talk, and if they really do, they’ll reach out to you anyway, inbound is so much easier.

    Applying the lessons of mycorrhizal fungus to the problems of sellers and buyers

    Ever since my son told me about how mycorrhizal fungi work with trees to exchange nutrients, I have been fascinated by the parallels between fungi and the sales profession. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniella Floss about her work understanding the relationships between plants and fungi, which you can read about here.

    What human salespeople can learn from fungal “sales associates”

    Daniella Floss is the manager of Rhizosphere Research at Valent BioSciences. She’s a leading expert on the topic of communication between plants and fungus, and her work is changing the way humans conduct agriculture.

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