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How to Build a Foundational Sales Playbook

When leaders build or rebuild sales teams, they often move quickly to hire the best individual contributors available and allow each to leverage their own skills and experiences to find success.

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Will robots one day replace your salespeople?

We’re still underestimating artificial intelligence, says Andrew McAfee. That was the premise of his presentation at the Nordic Business Forum in September, and he should know.

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Communicating Your Value

It's truly amazing how seller's emphasize 'unique' features or benefits that, in the eyes of the buyer, look pretty much the same as their competition. Yet the way we say what we say makes a huge difference in what people perceive.

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Elite Salespeople are 200% Better in These 5 Sales Competencies

Professional athletes have one trait in common - they are all very athletic and their skills are among the top several hundred in the world in their particular sport. For example, in Major League Baseball, there are 30 teams with 25 players each, making those ball players the top 750 in the world.

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Want to Get Good at Change Management? Think Like Sir Isaac Newton

We’ve all been here before. Whether we’re the CEO moving the company in a new direction, a CRO introducing new products or sales methodologies, an IT Director launching a new SaaS solution, a PM shepherding a project through the corporate gauntlet, or even simply an analyst trying to get others to recognize and act upon what we’ve discovered, we’re all trying to create change in our organizations.

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How to train your people not to think

I heard a horror story from a sales leader recently whose organization uses about 15 different sales tools. One day, the "cadance tool" was glitching and unusable.

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What if your sales analytics are missing the point?

Sales analytics are supposed to make everything about your sales system more effective. Companies that market sales analytics technologies love to tout its benefits, from providing greater “insights” to promoting “optimization” of the pipeline.

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On Differentiation

Differentiation is critical in helping customers select our solution over the alternatives. As important as it is, most sales people do a terrible job at differentiation.

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I Know Why You're Failing... Stop It!

Failure in sales is no joke and it's never been more important to set yourself up for a great year. I recently ran a sales management masterclass for a global client and here are the key points I made to 30 sales managers about the way we all need to lead and inspire teams.