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    Going Through The Motions Or Doing The Work?

    Every organization I work with has a “Buyer focused selling process.” Every organization has deal management, pipeline, and account management processes. Every organization has taken their people through the latest greatest sales training, spends thousands per person on tools. Every organization focuses on their ICP. Every manager says they coach their people.

    Post-Mortems Are Not the End, But Rather the Beginning

    I wanted to share some thoughts on what should occur every time you lose a bid/potential order/piece of significant business and even more importantly what should happen when you win a bid/potential order etc.

    Are You Confident Enough In Your Value Not To Discount?

    Discounting has reached Pandemic levels. It used to be something we used as a last resort, and only under extreme duress. Today, responding to a prospecting call earns a discount. Proposals come with a price and then either an automatically applied discount, or hints at a discount. Something like, “Buy by the end of the month and I can discount 15%!”

    Has role specialisation in B2B selling gone too far?

    Largely inspired by the work of Frederick Winslow Taylor, and made real by Henry Ford and others, the age of mass production introduced the concept of role specialisation in the pursuit of manufacturing efficiency.

    The $225,000 Selling Mistake Most Salespeople Make

    I'm going to share the story of a real salesperson and his current, real opportunity, but change the names of everyone involved. I hear stories like this every day but this particular one happens way too often.

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