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    Are sales managers coaching reps to the right outcomes?

    What is more important in sales, closing deals or building pipelines? I would say the answer is both, but the actions of sales people on average seem to say differently. Why is that? Are sales managers coaching to the right outcomes?

    Banish farmers and farming!

    No, I’m not making a political statement about our agricultural sector. Farmers and farming are what brings food to all of us.

    What do you wish salespeople would stop doing?

    Ask anyone on the street what they wish salespeople would stop doing, and there’s a good chance they’ll have a long list. But we wanted to know what the experts in the industry think.

    10 critical best practices for your sales force in this crisis

    We are in week 6 of lockdown, week 8 of voluntary work-from-home, while adapting, guiding and directing companies who still need to sell their products and services to generate revenue. At this point sales is about so much more than generating revenue for profit or to keep employees working.

    Reprioritising your target accounts

    Having a clearly defined and actively worked new business target account list is a key strategy for anyone who is responsible for proactively developing their own territory (or who has BDR resources focused on their behalf).

    External Exposure