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    “People buy from people...”

    I don’t know how many times I’ve read this mantra about selling. I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated it, myself. Somehow, today, I read it in some post, and the irony caused me to burst out laughing!

    by Dave Brock

    The questions we ask, shape the answers we get

    In sales, we learn that questions are critical to our ability to understand our customers and how we might be most helpful. Questions, in addition to eliciting information, opinions and points of view; can enhance both the our customers knowledge and build their confidence in us.

    by Dave Brock

    How to add value by ditching the discount

    Everyone wants and deserves a good deal. But a ‘good deal’ doesn’t mean the cheapest price. In sales, sometimes we default to providing a discount because in the absence of anything else, the easiest lever to pull is price.

    by Cian Mcloughlin

    Why are we satisfied with such poor win rates?

    We struggle to hit our goals, make our numbers. Every year, we see decreases in % of sales people making their goals. At the same time, our solution to try to make our numbers is driving increases in volumes and velocity.

    by Dave Brock

    Consultative selling requires this critical skill

    When one loves to explore data and has access to a huge database of salespeople over 685,000 strong, what happens? Well, for me, I can’t help myself. I frequently analyze elements from that database. Recently, I went mining for insights on consultative selling.

    by Gretchen Gordon

    How to increase the rate of flow in your sales system

    If you visualize your sales as a pipeline, with leads going in one end and revenue coming out the other, it’s easy to see that the rate of flow through that pipeline matters.

    by George Brontén
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