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    What Is The Objective Of This Call?

    Do you have a clear objective for each call/meeting you have with the customer? Is it aligned with the customer’s objectives for the call?

    Here’s how to make your brand into something everyone is talking about - the padel way

    I’m on vacation this month with my family in Gotland, and we’ve finally tried the new hype: Padel. It’s like tennis, but you play it on a court surrounded by plexiglass, and you can bounce the ball off the walls as part of the game. It’s all the rage in Sweden and other parts of Europe right now, and it’s quite a lot of fun.

    The Dreaded RFP: Where Value Selling Goes to Die?

    I recently gave a presentation on strategic pricing. Afterwards, an audience member who leads a marketing firm asked for advice on how to handle RFPs (requests for proposal). Her question: “How can we sell value when we can’t even talk to decision-makers?”

    Why your customers want to buy is as important as what they want to buy

    You’d hope, wouldn’t you, that most salespeople understand what their prospective customers want to buy. You’d expect, wouldn’t you, that your salespeople understand what their prospects think they need before making a proposal.

    What If We Started with a Blank Sheet of Paper?

    Buying is changing profoundly. This impacts everything we do to try to engage our customers, creating value through their buying and usage journey. To effectively engage our prospects and customer, we have to rethink all our strategies and approaches in working with them.

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