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Creating a new axis for SPIN® Selling

Like many people of my generation, I was brought up on SPIN® Selling. It’s a little chastening to reflect on the fact that the book was first published nearly 30 years ago, but it (as Neil Rackham himself pointed out in a recent APS conference) remains a highly relevant element of the complex B2B sales toolkit.

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Do this one thing to improve your sales team’s performance

An Interview with Mike Weinberg

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Sales, Art, Science, Craft?

The article I wrote, Moving From Selling As An Art To Selling As A Science, has stirred up a lot of reaction in the various venues in which it’s appeared. There have been various comments, mostly supportive.

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Moving from Selling as an Art to Selling as a Science

We seem to be approaching or passing the tipping point where leading sales practitioners view successful selling as a disciplined, focused, engineered approach to engaging and creating value for customers. Stated differently: we're moving more toward selling as a science.

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All Sales Floors Should Be Loud!

Get off Facebook. Get off LinkedIn. Get off Twitter. Get off the 3rd appendage. If aliens descended they'd be confounded with why humans have only one hand. The entire society is glued to a piece of plastic, silicon circuits, and flashing light through gorilla glass. It's unnatural, unhealthy, and sociologically inept.

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Do Customers Really Have A Buying Process?

It’s become common “wisdom” that we have to align align our sales process with our customers’ buying processes. I write about it constantly, as well as hundreds of others. It’s become almost a mantra in all the literature and training programs.

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What you think you know about the buyer's journey is wrong

 These days, there’s a lot of talk about the “buyer’s journey.” We’re all supposed to be mapping it so that we can align our marketing and sales with it. Supposedly this is going to make us exponentially more effective.

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The Oversimplification of Sales Performance Work

Yes, you read that right. I’m worried about some of the things I’m reading and trends I’m seeing in the world of sales performance improvement. Simple is good. Oversimplified is not.

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Guiding Our Customers On The Wrong Buying Journey

I have to start this post with a story. I’m an obsessed reader. At least once a week, I have to sign into Amazon to feed my reading habit. On logging in, I’m immediately fed suggestions of books I should buy...