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of complex sales


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What if your sales analytics are missing the point?

Sales analytics are supposed to make everything about your sales system more effective. Companies that market sales analytics technologies love to tout its benefits, from providing greater “insights” to promoting “optimization” of the pipeline.

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On Differentiation

Differentiation is critical in helping customers select our solution over the alternatives. As important as it is, most sales people do a terrible job at differentiation.

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I Know Why You're Failing... Stop It!

Failure in sales is no joke and it's never been more important to set yourself up for a great year. I recently ran a sales management masterclass for a global client and here are the key points I made to 30 sales managers about the way we all need to lead and inspire teams.

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3 fundamental goals of sales leadership

The art and science of sales leadership is clearly complicated, but the fundamental goals of sales leadership - at least from my observations of complex B2B sales environments - seem to be remarkably consistent:

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Why I want to stop talking about sales technology

I care a lot about sales technology, and what it can do for sales teams. But for one day, I am going to stop talking about it. Why? Because for a large number of sales teams, technology is completely irrelevant.

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Are you promoting the wrong salespeople?

It’s a tale as old as time: You’ve got a high performing salesperson shredding through all their goals, and you want to reward them with a big, fat promotion. But within six months of the promotion, your high-flying performer is miserable, your sales team is doing worse than before, and you’re at risk of losing some of your best people.

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Do women make better salespeople than men?

When I meet sales leaders for the first time, one of the questions I usually ask is, “Who is your top salesperson?” Very often, the answer is the name of a woman.

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What the Top 10% of All Salespeople Do Better

The best athletes in the world know exactly how they do the things they do that make them so great. In addition to their God-given talent, they outworked everyone else to master the mechanics and nuances of their sport, the mindset required for greatness, and competed at a high level from a very young age.  When they falter they can easily make the adjustments necessary to get back on track.

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Are your sales people suffering from value vagueness?

Whether they are involved in winning new business or seeking to retain or expand existing business relationships, one of the key things that every member of your sales organisation needs to understand is how they establish unique value for each existing or prospective customer.