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    The $225,000 Selling Mistake Most Salespeople Make

    I'm going to share the story of a real salesperson and his current, real opportunity, but change the names of everyone involved. I hear stories like this every day but this particular one happens way too often.

    5 reasons that superstar salesperson will fail you

    Anyone would get excited about snagging a superstar salesperson away from a competitor. You start dreaming about taking over the competitor’s customers, expanding into new territories, crushing your numbers, and slam-dunking your competitor.

    A New Year Resolution: eliminating wasteful sales behaviours

    This is the time of year when most of us would benefit from some quiet reflection on what we’ve learned during 2020, and how we intend to apply that learning in the New Year.

    Top 5 sales habits to start in the New Year

    Research shows that most New Year resolutions are abandoned within the first three months. In fact, if you made a resolution and have stuck to it firmly after even just a few days, you’re already ahead of a large portion of resolvers.

    Sales Role Specialization

    A couple of people I deeply respect have written outstanding pieces arguing that we have take sales role specialization too far. Amy Volas wrote, “Is Sales Over-segmented,” Bob Apollo wrote, “Has role specialisation in B2B selling gone too far?” (There Bob goes with his “English” spelling.) Both articles are outstanding.

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