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    How to kill your sales organization with bad assumptions

    Every great salesperson knows that a bad assumption can kill a deal. Assume that the buyer understands the cost of not acting. Assume that the buyer understands the benefits of your offering. Assume that they know where to find the budget for your solution. Assume that there's one primary decision-maker.

    Are sales leaders wrong to focus on changing behaviors?

    In the sales effectiveness world, we talk a lot about changing behaviors. Are your salespeople engaging in the right behaviors to get the right outcome? Do their behaviors match up with best practices? Are they aligning well with buyers? How can they change their behaviors to get better results?

    Prisoners Of Our Own Experience

    Recently, I had separate discussions with two very good sales executives. Each was taking a very strong position on particular aspects of selling. As the discussions progressed, I could see their perspectives were limited by their experience.

    How to stop failing at account management

    The words we use affect the way we think. Positive, uplifting words can induce a positive, uplifting mood and an optimistic approach to tasks. Negative, depressing words can have the opposite effect.

    Stop your churn and grow faster with a customer success mindset

    Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars in sales due to bad customer service. In 2016, a survey from NewVoiceMedia quantified the amount of money lost that year by US businesses at roughly $62 billion.

    External Exposure