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If You Don’t Understand It How Can You Manage It?

Even companies that enjoy the luxury of clearly superior products, realise that those products will not sell themselves.

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Why Sales Coaching Needs to Get Closer to the Individual

Have you heard the phrase, “Never in the history of calming down, has anyone ever actually calmed down, by being told to calm down”?

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A Progressive Approach to Qualification (that isn't BANT)

Like a growing number of other commentators, I have come to believe that the traditional BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe) approach to sales opportunity qualification is fundamentally flawed and not fit for purpose when it comes to complex B2B sales.

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How to Win More Sales the IKEA Effect Way

Do you know someone who likes to make crafts, build furniture, or garden? Have you ever noticed how they’ll spend $50 for the materials to produce an item that would have cost $5 at the store?

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How to Magically Move Prospects into a Buying State of Mind

Let's cover some of the lies being told to companies with sales organizations and how those lies prevent sales organizations from being their best.

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Is your sales technology a "tomtebloss"?

Like many Americans, we Swedish celebrate the New Year with fireworks, sparkling wine, and lots of snacks. Among our children, "tomtebloss" are a particular favorite. In the US, I think they're called sparklers.

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What’s Next? What’s Your Deal Strategy?

In any given year, I may be involved in doing 100’s of deal or opportunity reviews. Inevitably, I end up asking many of the same questions:

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The mashup of Sales Enablementand Sales Effectiveness to Drive Sales Productivity

I’ll be speaking on this topic at ATD ICE this year in the Sales Enablement Track. The goal of the presentation is to share how to support sales effectiveness best practices with sales enablement systems to improve your sales productivity (your sales force’s ability to generate profitable revenue). In this post, I will lay the foundational of concepts that fuel the mashup and will continue the discussion at the conference.

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Critical to B2B sales success - stakeholder assessments

One of the most common reasons why apparently promising B2B sales opportunities get derailed - often at a late stage in our sales cycle - is that we have failed to identify all the key stakeholders or to understand how to get them all to support our approach.