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You Need More Than Technology to Solve Your Sales Problems

If you’re like me, you’re bombarded with advertisements for sales enablement technologies that claim they’ll increase your revenue, improve profits, make your life easier, and probably butter your toast as well.

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How much are you spending on lost sales talent?

Sales employee turnover has reached crisis proportions and threatens to get worse before it gets better. According to Forbes, employee turnover in sales averages above 20%, and rises to 34% or higher if you include both voluntary and involuntary turnover.

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CEOs Would Be PISSED OFF If They Knew This Secret!

I spend a lot of time with CEOs, boards, and top executives. Inevitably, profitable growth is a key issue, universal to almost all.

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Data Reveals the Second Biggest Obstacle to Closing More Sales

Whichever way you turn, wherever you look, and whatever you listen to there is data. Polls, surveys, metrics, analytics, analyses, white papers, graphs, charts, infographics, tables, spreadsheets and more.

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ad-hoc projects: another nail in the coffin of BANT

It surprises and shocks me how many sales organisations still regard BANT as a practical way of qualifying sales opportunities. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it dates back to the steam-driven days prior to the emergence of the Internet, SaaS and modern buying behaviours and stands for Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe.

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Why Is Managing Change So Hard? Here’s How Executives Can Succeed Every Time

Change can be hard, but it’s often inevitable and necessary for companies to ensure future success. Companies budget significant amounts of money for training and consultants to help them improve employee skills and business processes. But is that enough?

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Is the bandwagon effect destroying your effectiveness?

What do fashion trends, U.S. elections, and your sales team have in common? They’re all influenced, for better and worse, by the bandwagon effect.

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Our Numbers Aren’t Laws Of Physics!

We tend to think of the Laws Of Physics as fundamental truths about how things behave.* For example, F=M x A (Force is equal to Mass times Acceleration). We always calculate force using this formula, it is universal. These Laws represent fundamental behaviors of objects and very predictable properties.

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5 ways your salespeople are failing your prospects

How many sales have you lost even though you knew you were the best choice for the customer?