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    The coaching conversation managers must have to ensure salespeople achieve their goals

    Sales quotas are set, but is there alignment, buy-in, commitment and a bulletproof strategy to achieve them? Are you certain your sales team has the skills, messaging, fearless attitude, self-accountability, time management strategy, and structure to thrive? An are they excited about what they can achieve this year?

    Coaching the uncoachable

    Recently, I had the honor of participating in a webcast on coaching, with Lori Richardson, Jason Jordan, and Mike Kunkle. A question that rarely comes up was, “What do you do if a person is uncoachable?”

    More coaching, even poor coaching, is better than none

    I cannot stress enough the importance of sales manager coaching and doing it a bunch. I have stats to back me up. Check out this data curated by Objective Management Group on about 5,500 managers and their teams.

    Why won't your salespeople do what they know to do?

    Sometimes, poor sales performance is due to a lack of skills or knowledge. But sometimes, salespeople know what to do, they know how to do it, and they even know why they should do it… and they still don’t do it, at least not consistently.

    Are limiting beliefs undermining your success?

    Every sales manager has encountered a salesperson who just can’t seem to “get it.” This is the underperforming team member you work with on the same thing over and over, and no matter how much training, enablement, and coaching you provide, they just keep making the same bad decisions, having the same bad conversations, and experiencing the same bad outcomes.

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