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    Who’s Our Ideal Customer?

    Continuing my series “Things We Thought We Knew About Selling But Really Didn’t,” I want to talk about our Ideal Customers–or our ICP (Ideal Customer Profile.) We toss the term around casually, but when I look at too many pipelines or prospecting programs, the ICP is not discernible.

    by Dave Brock

    8 Guidelines for a Great 4th Quarter

    The 4th quarter is the accountability quarter.
    Some of you are thinking, “Hey, it’s been a great year,” because you’ve done well in Q1-3. Others are saying, “Ugh,” because you simply didn’t accomplish everything you hoped.

    by Mark Hunter

    10 Sales Attributes That Don't Differentiate Top Salespeople from Bottom Salespeople

    Here in the US, the first Sunday of NFL Football is the same (as always) but different (new games). In their season debut, my New England Patriots did their best impression of my Boston Red Sox and lost 20-7. Close game.

    by Dave Kurlan

    How can anyone sell value without values?

    I recently participated in a webinar with LeveragePoint on the subject of “establishing a value-centric culture in your B2B sales organisation”. It’s a topic I care deeply about, and I’ve included a link to both the recording and the deck at the bottom of this article.

    by Bob Apollo

    Can My Car Uncover Sales Qualification Criteria Better Than Most Salespeople?

    If your car was manufactured in the last few years, you probably have a rear camera that helps you see your surroundings when you need to back up, back into a parking space, or drive backwards on the interstate at 65 MPH. Okay, maybe not the last one.

    by Dave Kurlan

    Do You Want to Kill the Pain, or Solve the Problem?

    Most of us know that in order to stay healthy, we need exercise, good nutrition, rest, and to take our vitamins. But very often, we get busy with life and forget these essentials. Before long, we start to suffer for it. At that point, we all know we should slow down and address the problem - but more often, we seek a pill to kill the pain so we can keep going.

    by George Brontén
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