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    How Much Does it Cost for Your Sales System to NOT be Sustainable?

    I often talk about the importance of developing a sales system that is consistent, scalable, and continually improved.

    But I haven’t really addressed the question of what happens when it’s NOT sustainable. The cost of not being sustainable is high, and, unfortunately, the vast majority of sales systems are not.

    by George Brontén

    How to Use the JTBD Framework to Have (and Coach) Better Sales Conversations

    Ever since reading Jobs to Be Done: Theory to Practice by Anthony Ulwick, we’ve been applying many of its principles internally at Membrain. We are learning as we go, but one thing that stands out for me is how valuable this framework can be in helping prospects and customers shift the way THEY think about how they are engaging with your offerings.

    by George Brontén

    What Is “Salesmanship?”

    I read a fascinating article by Kelly Fairchild. She talked about “salesmanship.” It got me to thinking about, “What is salesmanship?”

    Based on the conversations I have with sellers and my social feeds, people seem to think salesmanship has to do with the following:

    by Dave Brock

    4 Ways AI-Produced Content Will Change the Complex B2B Sales Game Forever (and 3 Ways it Won’t)

    Technology has been changing the sales game at a rapidly increasing pace for decades. And now, new Artificial Intelligence (AI) content tools are threatening to upend it entirely.

    by George Brontén

    A Brief History of “Jobs-To-Be-Done” and How to Use it in B2B Sales

    People who buy drills don’t want drills. They want holes.

    by George Brontén • Editor's Pick

    How to Engage More Stakeholders and Win Better Deals

    There’s a long-standing myth that the most important thing salespeople need to do for any given opportunity is to reach “the decision maker.”

    by George Brontén
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