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    Are You Spending Too Much in Order to Grow? Check This Chart

    We all know that you have to invest in marketing and sales in order to grow your company. But do you know how much you should be investing for the percentage of growth you’re achieving?

    by George Brontén

    How to Pump Up Your Sales Team for Rocky Times

    Challenging economic times are, well, challenging. For sales teams, they can be brutal.

    by George Brontén

    What Happens When You Let Employees Name Your Company’s Values?

    Soon after Membrain was started, we sat down and wrote out the core values we believed were central to who we are. Recently, we decided to ask our people to tell us what THEY think Membrain’s core values actually are. The results were pretty interesting.

    by George Brontén

    Digital Sales Rooms Are Pretty Lame, and Here’s Why

    Sometimes, working with potential buyers can be a little like sitting in an interrogation room in a police station, trying to guess what’s happening on the other side of the mirrored glass.

    by George Brontén

    What to do when competitors copy your work

    A local competitor has been regularly checking out Membrain over the past couple of years, and not because they want our tool to help them sell more effectively. They don’t want to use our product - they just seem to want to steal our ideas.

    by George Brontén

    The top 10% of all salespeople are 4200% better at this

    My wife and I entered the small jewelry shop and were greeted - not with a warm welcome - but with a matter of fact "my name is... and I'm the owner... and I created everything in the store" which was followed by fifteen minutes of non-stop presentation of everything she created.

    by Dave Kurlan
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