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You need to know how Salesforce is stealing your budget

For almost 20 years, one CRM platform has been in use by more sales organizations than any other. You know the one.

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Sales Framework: A Leadership Investment For Growth

Over the years of developing and executing roughly one hundred different sales and business development organizations, I’ve noticed definite success and failure patterns.

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How to handle the many-headed hydra of sales technology

In ancient days, there was a great sea serpent with sharp teeth, poisonous breath, and many heads. It was called the hydra, and it terrorized all who came near.

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Sales And Sales Management Is Broken

I have to admit being consumed with CSO Insights latest Sales Performance Report. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it, make sure you take the time to download and study it. It’s filled with fascinating analysis, each chart presents huge opportunities for performance improvement.

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CEO: Here are 4 things your sales director is hiding from you

I had an interesting conversation with the founder of a sales technology company recently. Their technology was designed to provide greater transparency into the inner workings of sales departments, sales managers, and individual salespeople, in order to equip sales directors to provide better leadership for more effective sales execution.

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How to Make the Mistakes that Cost a German Grocer $500 Million

In July, German grocery chain Lidl announced that it was calling it quits on a massive project to upgrade their inventory management system, a project they had spent around $500 million on.

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CEO: What you need to know about why your sales department is screwing up

I hate to be doom and gloom, but many sales departments are failing to perform. Year after year after year the data coming out of organizations like CSO Insights shows decreasing sales effectiveness on nearly every measure in nearly every industry.

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What is sales effectiveness and how do you measure it?

What is sales effectiveness? If you ask a room of 100 sales professionals, you’ll likely get 100 different answers. Some will talk about performance against goals, while others may refer to revenue or profit. Many say effectiveness has to do with making better use of one’s time.

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“There’s a Hole in Our Bucket, Dear CEO, Dear CEO”

I have a two-part question for you: Last year, how much money did your company spend/invest in attempting to win new business? Prospecting? And now the second part: How much money did your company spend/invest in endeavouring to retain your existing clients/customers?