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    Is Technology Actually Helping or Hurting Your Sales Conversations?

    Technology can be a double-edged sword for sales departments. The promise of greater efficiency and effectiveness is hard to resist, yet many technologies actually make things worse rather than better.

    by George Brontén

    How to scale your small team to operate like a big one

    In today’s coaches corner, we’re discussing how to move your sales team upstream from making small sales to small business, to engaging and closing enterprise business, without adding necessarily new members to the team.

    by Kevin Ascher

    Unqualified Sales Meetings

    Today’s case covers a common issue within sales departments, when salespeople waste unnecessary time with unqualified leads. This often happens when appointments are set by marketing or poorly trained SDRs, leading to inefficient use of time by highly paid salespeople.

    by Paul O'Donohue

    Accelerating Sales Cycles

    Today’s case covers the topic of how to accelerate sales cycles and improve cash flow. Many companies think that sales cycles have to be as long as they are because of the complexity of the sale, but in most cases targeted coaching can greatly improve the length of the sales cycle.

    by Paul O'Donohue

    The Bloated Pipeline

    Today’s case covers a common issue with a new sales hire’s ability to close deals consistently in a complex B2B sales environment. Pressed for time, new reps often prioritize the wrong activities, leading to bloated pipelines with poor close rates.

    by Paul O'Donohue

    The Dismissive Attitude

    Today’s case covers another common issue with a new sales hire’s ability to hit their sales targets in a complex B2B sales environment. A bad attitude can kill deals before they have a chance to get started. The salesperson keeps putting new opportunities into the pipeline, but can’t seem to close them.

    by Brian Kavicky
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