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    8 Common Prospecting Problems and Their Solutions

    Prospecting is hard. In my experience, very few organizations have fully cracked the nut of how to do it well across the entire organization.

    Is prospecting really the toughest thing in sales?

    Was just reading yet another post with “market data” declaring prospecting the most difficult aspect of sales. Thousands of blog posts about both the difficulty and importance of prospecting have been published in the past 5-7 years.

    Avoid the pot bunkers of selling

    The LPGA has a new AIG Women’s Open Champion in Sophia Popov – A first-time winner! I will get to why it matters after I set the stage. As an avid golfer, I am intrigued by the parallels the sport has to sales. Yes, there have likely been hundreds if not thousands of articles written about these parallels. But my twist is a little different.

    How to unlock the double black box of sales data

    Never in the history of sales, have sales organizations had access to so much data. Yet when I talk to company leaders, many are frustrated by the fact that more data has not translated to greater visibility, better collaboration, or more effective communication.

    How to sell when you're not a salesperson

    One of my relatives is a lawyer. He recently joined a new firm and had an interesting story to tell. He’s a compliance expert, and not too long ago, a potential client called asking for help with a tax issue.

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