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    You Call It “Social Selling” - but Is It Really?

    What is social selling, really? The term has been around a while but if you Google the definition, you will get a different answer on every site that pops up.

    by George Brontén

    How to stop failing at account management

    The words we use affect the way we think. Positive, uplifting words can induce a positive, uplifting mood and an optimistic approach to tasks. Negative, depressing words can have the opposite effect.

    by George Brontén

    Are we calling our customers by the wrong words?

    Every sales professional knows better than to make the cringe-worthy mistake of calling a customer by the wrong name. But it occurred to me recently that entire sales organizations may be making the mistake of calling their customers by the wrong words, and it may be limiting their effectiveness.

    by George Brontén

    How to stop losing sales – forever

    What if I told you that our organization never loses a sale? It’s true. We never do. We also don’t pursue opportunities.

    by George Brontén
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