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    How to create outstanding sales growth with channel partners

    Channel partners can be a major source of high-profit revenue growth with the right business model. A great channel partner operates as an extended sales team, bringing in new business and nurturing accounts on your behalf, without the payroll.

    Some customers are more important than others.

    In sales and marketing, we often talk about customer segmentation in the context of prospecting. The practice often starts with dividing potential customers into groups according to firmographic criteria such as geography, size, and industry.

    What is strategic account planning and how does it drive growth?

    What is strategic account planning? The question seems simple on the surface, but ask five salespeople, and you’ll get five different answers.

    How to use account planning to improve customer success

    When most sales professionals talk about account planning, they immediately think of how they can maximize the revenue from their existing accounts. Or how they can prevent accounts from selecting a competitor.

    The problem with account plans...

    Many of the clients I’ve been working with have been attempting to implement some form of account planning. Far fewer seem to be happy with the current outcomes.

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