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    account growth planning execution

    Rethinking Account Based Selling

    Recently, I was speaking to the leadership team of a sales organization. They were struggling with getting their people to develop and execute their account plans.

    by Dave Brock

    The Secret to Account Churn is Not Dedicated Account Managers

    I do my own weeding and that "hobby" takes up a lot of my free time. Weeding is like playing the arcade game wack-a-mole where you pull the weed, use a weed wacker, or poison the weed on Monday and two more weeds appear in its place on Tuesday.

    by Dave Kurlan

    Account Growth And Innovation

    We struggle to get a foothold in a large account. Winning that first deal in the account requires us to get the customer to change. To get them to think differently, addressing problems/opportunities differently. If we succeed, we have helped the customer innovate, to rethink what they currently do, and to do it differently. The customer chose us because they felt compelled to change.

    by Dave Brock

    This Summer, Customer Success May Be The Most Important Thing You Can Focus On

    Here in Sweden, we’re just past our annual holiday of Midsommar (Midsummer), which we celebrated on June 25. This is one of our biggest holidays, and we usually celebrate with family and friends, often in the countryside.

    by George Brontén

    Your best accounts – getting more from less

    For a long time, the only objectives I used for major accounts were very specific business objectives: “We will increase turnover by X%” or “We will introduce two new programs and increase our profitability by Y%.”

    by Jonathan Farrington

    5 account management mistakes you may be making - and how to avoid them

    Many have heard statistics on the value of existing accounts: 80% of future profits come from 20% of customers; 65% of revenue comes from existing customers; it costs 5% less to retain a customer than to gain one.

    by George Brontén
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