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Speed Limits, the Flow of Traffic, and Sales Pipelines

I don't get stressed anymore when I'm driving. All it took was for me to not exceed the speed limit.

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Is this the most counterproductive sales metric?

If we’re driven by data and interested in statistics, there are a wide range of sales metrics we can choose to monitor. Assuming that we have collected the data in the first place, we can measure win rates, sales cycle velocity, changes in deal value or close date and all manner of other indicators.

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Opportunity qualification is a continuous process

If you’re involved in complex, lengthy and high-value B2B sales environments, you can’t afford to regard opportunity qualification as a one-off exercise. You need to think of it as an ongoing process, in which you continually accumulate new learning as well as regularly revalidating any previous assumptions.

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Proven Ways to Grow Revenue with Pipeline Management

Since so many companies have sales pipelines, you’d think that there’s a well-worn set of pipeline management best practices out there commonly used by sales managers. Even if that is the case–and I don’t think it is–do you know how many sales leaders struggle to manage their pipelines? An overwhelming majority, apparently.

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Bigger Sales Pipelines - The Dangerous Truth

I usually get notified when new sales studies are published and I'm asked to link to those reports from my Blog.

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Putting sales effectiveness in the hands of your salespeople… literally

From the beginning of my career, I’ve worked to understand and improve sales effectiveness. I’ve studied what makes sales teams fail and what makes them succeed. I’ve looked at sales strategy, sales management, sales process, sales methodologies and sales techniques, and studied their impact and best practices.

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A closer look at your win/loss analytics

When the end of the year is just a few days away,what would you discover if you did a quantitative analysis of the data for every single deal that your sales people worked on during the year? What actions would you take to produce a different outcome as we turn the corner and begin anew?

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What True Story Does Your Sales Pipeline Tell You about Your Business?

Yesterday I was looking at the dashboard in my new car and noticed that one of the gauges could be swapped out. There aren't any fixed gauges on this dash because the gauges, ranges and needles are displayed digitally. I can even change their color! The thing that caught my interest though, was the flashlight effect where the ticks to either side of the needle are brighter and bolder to draw attention to where the needle is pointing.  

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The Don Quixote Approach To Opportunity Assessment

Emerging salespeople typically believe that all business is good business and to an extent, I can understand this viewpoint. If you are trying to make a name for yourself, being put under pressure by your sales manager to get “runs on the board” and earn the respect of the more experienced and successful members of the team, it is difficult to walk away from any opportunity if you believe you have the remotest chance of winning it.