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    8 Reasons to Be Excited about Our New Free Trial of Active Pipeline Management

    If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that we’ve been gradually rolling out free trials on all of our modules. A few weeks ago, we made the account growth module free for a limited time. Then we announced the prospecting module free trial was also available. And now, finally, the main event: We have made our core workflow, the active pipeline module, available to try for free.

    What is a sales pipeline and why should you care?

    Almost every sales professional uses the phrase “sales pipeline” at least several times a week. But if you ask a room full of professionals to define “sales pipeline,” you’re likely to get a roomful of different answers.

    Forecasts are about the deals, not the number!

    This is one of those topics I wish I could just put to bed and ignore–yet it keeps rearing it’s ugly head. We continue to get forecasting wrong, at least for complex B2B sales.

    What problem is the customer trying to solve?

    Pause for a moment. Look at your qualified pipeline. Start at the bottom. Can you identify the problem the customer is trying to solve? Or the opportunity they are trying to address?

    How to transform your sales pipeline today

    Big ones, little ones, sharp ones and stubborn ones. I was pulling weeds from the garden when it became crystal clear to me. The various weeds were like the many types of opportunities in most sales pipelines.

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