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    Hidden sales competition and why it could happen to you

    I recently took these pictures of mushrooms on our property that I had not seen prior to this year. Bright reds, bright oranges, whites and more. After living on this property for the past twenty years, it really surprised me that these bright colored mushrooms appeared out of nowhere.

    The 5 Requirements to Maximize ROI on Sales Training

    It shouldn’t be surprising that we spend a lot of time training sales teams and coaching the sales team leaders. Our experience doing it for clients provides much insight into how to get maximum benefit from this kind of help.

    How to get clients to actually take your advice

    Many of the greatest ideas and advances in history occur when someone takes an idea from one area of expertise, and applies it in another. For this reason, I spend a lot of time listening to, reading about, and speaking with experts in a wide variety of disciplines outside of sales.

    How to drive new behaviors at scale, one trainer’s story

    When it comes to sales performance improvement, driving behavior change is one of the stickiest challenges of them all. How do you get the people in the field to adopt and actually become good at the new techniques and behaviors you want from them?

    Why your technology-neutral message is the wrong one

    “I don’t try to tell clients what technology they should be using. We work with whatever systems they currently have.”

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