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    Being a buyer Is a foreign concept to customers

    As sales people, we know what our job is. We have to generate revenue through finding customers who have a need for our solution. We do the same things day after day. We prospect to find new opportunities, we work on deals, helping the customer move through their buying process and selecting a solution.

    by Dave Brock • Editor's Pick

    We lost a true gentleman when we lost Jonathan Farrington

    It was with great sadness that I learned of the recent passing of Jonathan Farrington, the creator of JF initiatives, editor of Top Sales World magazine, and, most importantly, a friend to the industry and to me.

    by George Brontén • Editor's Pick

    How to smell the difference between BS and a lie

    BS stinks, and everybody knows it. When you’re just trying to get a straight answer and you know you’re being sold a “bill of goods,” it can be frustrating.

    by George Brontén • Editor's Pick

    Here are the 10 most popular Membrain blog posts of 2020

    I have heard the word “unprecedented” more times in 2020 than I hope to ever hear again in my lifetime. Judging from which of Membrain’s blog posts you read and enjoyed most, I’m guessing I’m not alone.

    by George Brontén • Editor's Pick

    How to get better results out of AI for your sales team

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage in sales right now. But in my conversations with sales leaders, I’ve learned that AI is rarely delivering what it promises to sales organizations operating in a complex b2b environment.

    by George Brontén • Editor's Pick

    How to pollute your sales ocean, one technology at a time

    Have you ever had a slip of the tongue that reveals an insight? On a call with one of my team members recently, we were talking about the sales world’s overly complex landscape of technologies, and I wanted to talk about point solutions, but what I said was, “point pollutions.”

    by George Brontén • Editor's Pick
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