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Here are the top 9 Membrain posts of 2017

As we enter the New Year, I wanted to share with you our top posts from 2017, based on the number of views. It’s always interesting to compile these lists and try to understand why some pieces were more popular than others, and uncover any common themes.

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Is the Sales Stack Destroying Your Effectiveness?

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, and our teams more effective. Somehow, however, most sales teams are still caught in the same old traps as ever, just with new toys.

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5 reasons you should dump your old CRM

More and more organizations are coming to terms with the fact that traditional CRM has simply not lived up to its promises. Touted as a powerful sales performance tool, in many organizations it has turned out to be an unwieldy tracking and reporting tool, a glorified Rolodex that salespeople resent while sales managers wrangle to get them to use it at all.

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How to design a sales process that helps build trust

There’s no question that trust is critically important in sales. Without trust, sales falter. But have you ever given thought to what, exactly, “trust” is?

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What is Sales Force Automation (SFA), and why should you care?

Nearly every industry in the world is looking for ways to automate processes, and the sales industry is no exception. The word Sales Force Automation (SFA) sounds promising in that it promises a reduction in costs and efficiency improvements. However, sales force automation is not (yet?) everything it is hyped to be.

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2016 count-down: our top ten most-read articles

We’re still waiting on year-end statistics from the analytics companies to tell us how the year went for our industry on the whole, but we’re ready to announce that 2016 was a remarkable year for us.

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Sales Methodology vs. Process: Why The Difference Matters

In the never-ending search for higher sales performance, many organizations invest in methodologies and process improvements, often without understanding the difference between the two.

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A brief history of modern sales methodologies for sales leaders

Before psychology selling, before needs and pains and solutions and strategies, there was phrenology: The science of selling cars based on the size of a customer’s forehead. No wonder car salesmen gained a bad reputation.

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Is Solution Selling Dead? Is Challenger Sales The New KING?

Is the Challenger Sale a paradigm shift that makes solution selling irrelevant? Is it dead wrong? Or is it all just a matter of semantics?