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What if your sales analytics are missing the point?

Sales analytics are supposed to make everything about your sales system more effective. Companies that market sales analytics technologies love to tout its benefits, from providing greater “insights” to promoting “optimization” of the pipeline.

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Do women make better salespeople than men?

When I meet sales leaders for the first time, one of the questions I usually ask is, “Who is your top salesperson?” Very often, the answer is the name of a woman.

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Size isn’t everything: why more revenue often flows from smaller pipelines

One of the abiding urban myths that misinforms sales pipeline management is the idea that sales people need at least 3x pipeline coverage in order to achieve their quota. Where this “golden number” came from, nobody seems to know, but it’s a fair bet that it dates back beyond the Neolithic.

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18 Eye-Opening Sales Effectiveness Statistics

I took the time to review some of the more stunning industry data from the past year. For instance, even as sales effectiveness continues to decline, 92.5% of firms raised their revenue targets for 2016. It remains to be seen how many of them achieved those targets, but if the trend of nine years holds, it’s unlikely to be an encouraging number.

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You need to know these win/loss analysis secrets

When I ask sales leaders about win/loss analysis, nearly everyone agrees that it is important. But when I ask them whether their company engages in them consistently and effectively, very few answer with a confident “yes.”

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Five Sales Performance Blind Spots Sales Leaders Apparently Don’t Even Know They Have

A 2015 CSO Insights study on Sales Enablement Optimization discovered that a broad spectrum of companies are investing in five key areas of sales enablement this year: Collaboration, tech-enabled training, content management, virtual coaching, and analytics.

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Move over big data… here comes small data

Although sales performance has been struggling for several years, in some ways sales organizations seem to be on the cusp of a renaissance, thanks to the availability of new predictive tools and automation that promise to re-energize sales by massively improving efficiency.

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Ten Keys to Achieving This Year’s Top Sales Priorities

The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research has released a sales performance study featuring interviews with 472 sales executives, and the results are illuminating. Among other things, the study asked participants, who represent companies with sales forces ranging from 10 to 5,000-plus sellers, to rank their priorities for 2016.

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The Wild West or 2016: 5 Ways to Figure Out if Your Sales Team is Behind The Curve

As I engage with sales organizations around the globe, I’m sometimes surprised how respectable companies lack a modern sales infrastructure and accept old (bad) habits, causing yearly losses in the millions.