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    A change management perspective

    One thing that every sale involves is change. Unless you convince your buyer to change something in the way they are doing business, you won’t have a sale.

    Value Realization, Value Positioning, Value Creation

    As sales and marketing people, the concept of “Value Proposition” has become fundamental in our positioning in our markets and with our customers.

    Answering Your Most Burning Referral Selling Questions

    After more than 25 years as an expert on referral sales, I’m still asked exactly the same referral selling questions today. (Maybe even more frequently than before.) I’m going to answer them right now.

    Is Your Solution Easy To Buy?

    We focus a lot of our sales enablement and related efforts on making our products and services easier to sell. We provide training, tools, coaching, support to our sales people. We want them to master everything about our products and solutions so they can easily sell them

    Polarization of sales logics - the future role of sales people

    Not so long ago, before the Internet became a force of nature in the beginning of the 21st century, sales and marketing departments dictated the flow of information.

    sales strategy

    External Exposure