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If the right thing doesn’t exist… make it!

Twenty years ago, I told my family I wanted to buy a piece of bare land and build a house on it. My wife thought I was crazy.

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AI And Sales, What We Misunderstand

Based on much of the press, much of it created by vendors of AI solutions, AI is the answer to all the problems we have with sales and marketing. We are presented a brave new world where we can engage the right customers, say exactly the right words at the right time, making sure we ask no more than 4 discovery questions, that our opening pitch (?) is no longer than 9.1 minutes, that…

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The illusion of the expert buyer

One of the most dangerous mistakes we can make as sales people is believing that our customer – and particularly the sponsor we have been working with – knows how to buy.

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How to sync the brains of buying committees and make the sale

Take several mechanical metronomes and set them to tick at different speeds, so that you create a chaos of random sound. Tick tick tock ticktick tick tickticktick tocktock tick. This is what buying committees can feel like. A chaos of random ticking in different directions at different speeds, all of it coming to nothing.

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How to Harness Shoshin to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Whenever someone tells me they have 10 years of experience, I always wonder: Do they really have ten years, or do they have one year of experience multiplied by ten?

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How to sell an $85 bottle of water and why you shouldn't want to

I recently got back from Vegas. I was at a conference there, staying in a very nice, high-end hotel. The hospitality was delightful. The room was beyond comfortable. The view was spectacular. Everything was great.

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CEO: Here are 4 things your sales director is hiding from you

I had an interesting conversation with the founder of a sales technology company recently. Their technology was designed to provide greater transparency into the inner workings of sales departments, sales managers, and individual salespeople, in order to equip sales directors to provide better leadership for more effective sales execution.

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Communicating Your Value

It's truly amazing how seller's emphasize 'unique' features or benefits that, in the eyes of the buyer, look pretty much the same as their competition. Yet the way we say what we say makes a huge difference in what people perceive.

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Want to Get Good at Change Management? Think Like Sir Isaac Newton

We’ve all been here before. Whether we’re the CEO moving the company in a new direction, a CRO introducing new products or sales methodologies, an IT Director launching a new SaaS solution, a PM shepherding a project through the corporate gauntlet, or even simply an analyst trying to get others to recognize and act upon what we’ve discovered, we’re all trying to create change in our organizations.