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CEO: Here are 4 things your sales director is hiding from you

I had an interesting conversation with the founder of a sales technology company recently. Their technology was designed to provide greater transparency into the inner workings of sales departments, sales managers, and individual salespeople, in order to equip sales directors to provide better leadership for more effective sales execution.

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Communicating Your Value

It's truly amazing how seller's emphasize 'unique' features or benefits that, in the eyes of the buyer, look pretty much the same as their competition. Yet the way we say what we say makes a huge difference in what people perceive.

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Want to Get Good at Change Management? Think Like Sir Isaac Newton

We’ve all been here before. Whether we’re the CEO moving the company in a new direction, a CRO introducing new products or sales methodologies, an IT Director launching a new SaaS solution, a PM shepherding a project through the corporate gauntlet, or even simply an analyst trying to get others to recognize and act upon what we’ve discovered, we’re all trying to create change in our organizations.

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What Did The Customer Learn As A Result Of Our Meeting?

Usually, after a sales call, we ask ourselves, “Did I accomplish my objectives?” (That is if you assess yourself after the sales call.) It’s a critical question, we need to be purposeful and focused in each of our meetings with the customer. 

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On Differentiation

Differentiation is critical in helping customers select our solution over the alternatives. As important as it is, most sales people do a terrible job at differentiation.

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We Need To Stop Our Fixation On Buyer Journeys

Recently, I participated in a discussion on “the buyers journey.” In some ways, I suppose I should have been happy that we were at least focused on the buyer, normally we obsess about our products/solutions and how we inflict them on our customers.

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What is a sales strategy and how do you create one?

The right sales strategy is critical to high sales performance. When a great sales strategy is aligned with appropriate sales process, methods, training, coaching, and technologies, sales teams can reliably knock the numbers out of the ballpark.

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“There’s a Hole in Our Bucket, Dear CEO, Dear CEO”

I have a two-part question for you: Last year, how much money did your company spend/invest in attempting to win new business? Prospecting? And now the second part: How much money did your company spend/invest in endeavouring to retain your existing clients/customers?

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When sales strategy and technology get married, we all win

If you’ve ever talked to someone who has been happily married for many years, you have probably heard them call their partner their “better half.” There’s a reason for this. The right marriage makes both people feel like they are more than they were alone.