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    Polarization of sales logics - the future role of sales people

    Not so long ago, before the Internet became a force of nature in the beginning of the 21st century, sales and marketing departments dictated the flow of information.

    Seven factors that separate winners from losers in an economic downturn

    No one has missed the global crisis we are in right now. A crisis that caused countries to completely close their borders, caused the worst stock market crash in modern history and where large parts of the economy are completely shut down. This is happening for real. But it is also a fact that there are factors that separate winners from losers in a situation like this.

    Customer experience management – sustaining symbiotic value

    Client loyalty can eventually span a lifetime, but to make it more attainable, we should take it one step at a time. Whatever situation we’re in, good or bad, we must ask ourselves what we refer to as the Loyalty Question: “What am I doing right now that will make the customer come back the next time they need what we sell?” It’s not about a lifetime. It’s about the next time, every time.

    A new normal - or a better normal?

    It’s become common for commentators to refer to the fast-evolving reality of B2B selling as the “new normal”, and I’ve often used this phrase myself. But in some interpretations, seems to imply an acceptance that we’re going to have to learn to live with a situation that is somehow worse than what we had before whilst we strive to get back to the “old normal”.

    How to prepare your sales team for bounce-back after the crisis

    Most of Europe and the United States has been in a state of response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic for a while now, and most of us are settling into a new sense of “normal.”

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