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of complex sales


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How to make your sales strategy practically plug and play

Every year, sales organizations pour millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours into developing sales strategies, and then sticking them in a binder on a shelf and ignoring them.

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3 fundamental goals of sales leadership

The art and science of sales leadership is clearly complicated, but the fundamental goals of sales leadership - at least from my observations of complex B2B sales environments - seem to be remarkably consistent:

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Why your reps don't have good value conversations and how to fix it

Everybody knows that value conversations are important to sales success, but remarkably few sales teams consistently execute on the concept. It can be frustrating to teach reps the importance of value-based selling, to enroll them in training, and to watch them continue to try to sell features or have generic sales conversations that go nowhere.

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Unqualified Sales Meetings

Today’s case covers a common issue within sales departments, when salespeople waste unnecessary time with unqualified leads. This often happens when appointments are set by marketing or poorly trained SDRs, leading to inefficient use of time by highly paid salespeople.

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Why I want to stop talking about sales technology

I care a lot about sales technology, and what it can do for sales teams. But for one day, I am going to stop talking about it. Why? Because for a large number of sales teams, technology is completely irrelevant.

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Abandoning Excellence

Sometimes, I reflect on the “good old days.” Things were certainly different, I do think at a macro level things are far better than whatever our image of the good old days were.

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Are you promoting the wrong salespeople?

It’s a tale as old as time: You’ve got a high performing salesperson shredding through all their goals, and you want to reward them with a big, fat promotion. But within six months of the promotion, your high-flying performer is miserable, your sales team is doing worse than before, and you’re at risk of losing some of your best people.

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Accelerating Sales Cycles

Today’s case covers the topic of how to accelerate sales cycles and improve cash flow. Many companies think that sales cycles have to be as long as they are because of the complexity of the sale, but in most cases targeted coaching can greatly improve the length of the sales cycle.

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What exactly is a value proposition?

Everybody knows you need a good value proposition in order to sell effectively. But does anyone know exactly what a value proposition is? If you ask 100 sales professionals, you’ll likely get 100 different definitions, some more useful than others.