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Today, Selling is Neither an Art or a Science - It is Both

The dichotomy facing sales leaders today is how they reconcile the fact that most corporations provide less upfront training for their sales staff than in years past, yet attach increasing importance to staff development.

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World-class sales organizations continually optimize their process—here’s how you can too

Despite all the data demonstrating the value of implementing a formal sales process, the vast majority of companies still have not done so. Many others do have a sales process, but it’s located in a folder on a shelf, and rarely consulted.

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Where is Your Sales Manager?

I sympathize with first-line sales managers, because I have always felt that their job is one of the hardest. They are accountable for a number, have to manage up and down within their own organization, and have to know their customers as well or better than they know themselves.

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The ABC’s of Sales Effectiveness

Just for the fun of it, here are my ABCs of sales effectiveness:

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Is it Time to Systematize Your Sales Process?

Sales is the department that drives all the others. Without revenue, there is nothing to ship, install or invoice. So why is it that this important department often is the last one to be systematized?

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How to build a qualifying process that works for your sales team

Nearly every sales organization I talk to says they know who their best fit prospects are, yet almost none of them have a clearly defined process for ensuring only qualified prospects make it into the sales pipeline. This, despite the fact that unqualified prospects waste massive amounts of time for salespeople and their managers alike, and simultaneously diminish the reliability of sales forecasts.