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CEOs: 42.9% failure rate in sales is unacceptable!

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The #1 Most Overlooked Factor In Increasing Win Rates?

Quick question: what’s the #1 most overlooked factor in increasing win rates? Hiring better salespeople? Developing more compelling proposals? Qualifying better/harder? Lowering your prices? (Answer: none of the above).

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The three pillars of a dynamic sales process

Sales departments often resist formalizing their sales process because they fear that “process” will inhibit their sales team’s ability to innovate and respond flexibly to the demands of each particular sales situation. For some organizations, that’s exactly what happens. They hire inexperienced salespeople, give them tightly controlled scripts, and insist that they follow every step of the prescribed process in exactly the same manner every time.

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5 simple steps for sales enablement

Sales enablement may be a term used in larger, metrics-focused organizations. It’s not typically something small-to-mid-sized business leaders may know or care about. So what is it and why is it important for companies of all sizes?

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Five takeaways from the latest CSO Insights research: an interview with Tamara Schenk

CSO Insights, a division of MHI Global, conducts leading research into sales best practices, strategic trends, and the next generation capabilities driving sales performance. Their bi-monthly reports are among the most respected and in-depth studies available in the industry.

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Sales Organizations: The Survival of the Fittest

There is an air of inevitability that at some point, in the not too distant future, many of the tasks now routinely handled by “salespeople” will become automated – in fact, it is already happening.

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Putting sales effectiveness in the hands of your salespeople… literally

From the beginning of my career, I’ve worked to understand and improve sales effectiveness. I’ve studied what makes sales teams fail and what makes them succeed. I’ve looked at sales strategy, sales management, sales process, sales methodologies and sales techniques, and studied their impact and best practices.