The price and value relationship - 4 tactics to employ

By Fredrik Jonsson - July 1, 2015

Over the past 6 months, how many times have you heard somebody say “We have to add/deliver/sell/prove value!”. Most likely, it’s somewhere in the high 30s. Thanks for the concrete advice on how not to sell on price.

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Break the Rules – Change the Game!

By Jonathan Farrington - June 28, 2015

Here is what we know: More than 50% of frontline sales professionals missed target last year. That is worse than 2013, which was worse than 2012. Are you spotting a trend here?

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Sales CRM or Sales Improvement Software?

By George Brontén - June 24, 2015

Everyone needs a CRM, right? But what is it? And for whom was it really designed? Storing information about customers in a central database was a break-through decades ago, but is it enough today? Will storing contact information and tracking activities actually help you sell more in today’s sales landscape?

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How to: Increase Customer Retention

By Paul O'Donohue - June 21, 2015

Did you know that it can cost more to acquire NEW customers than it costs to hold onto the ones you’ve got? Yes, customer retention is key for every business

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Sales Performance Management: Finding Your Sales Rhythm

By George Brontén - June 17, 2015

The fact that 41.9% of sales people fail to reach their targets brings out the importance of finding your team’s winning rhythm.

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What Are You? Sales Coach, Rescuer or Critic?

By Brian Kavicky, Lushin and Associates - June 14, 2015

Do this now: Go to one of your people and ask them for one thing they need help with, and then spend 3 minutes coaching them on that thing.

When you’re done, ask them how you did. Ask them about your coaching style. Ask them how useful those 3 minutes were and how they will use the information you shared to fix the thing they needed help with. Do you like the feedback you’re getting?

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3 reasons you are wasting time on the wrong deals

By Fredrik Jonsson - June 10, 2015

Distractions. Noise. Feeling overwhelmed. We all face overflowing inboxes, distracting social media feeds and incredible demands on our time. Today’s B2B sales people are no exception – on the contrary, we are facing ever growing quotas while simultaneously needing to spend more and more time on administration and other non-sales related activities.

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Funnel/Pipeline Games

By Dave Brock, Partners In EXCELLENCE - June 7, 2015

The funnel/pipeline is a fundamental tool for sales professionals and managers. It’s the tool that helps us understand whether we are on target to meeting our goals. I spend a lot of time looking at funnels. I’ve seen all sorts of issues and potential games (inadvertent and purposeful) that are played with pipelines. I thought I’d spend a little time on a few of them.

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3 sales fundamentals to master

By George Brontén - June 3, 2015

In the world of more complex b2b sales, where an investment in your product or service will actually require changes in the organization – I would argue that the fundamentals for success are still the same, despite the Internet and new technologies.

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4 telltale signs you didn't hire the right sales manager

By Frédéric Lucas, Prima Ressource - May 31, 2015

The primary role of the sales manager is to coach, measure and hold all members of the sales team accountable, helping them build and manage a healthy sales pipeline big enough to consistently make their numbers.

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