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5 Things Every Sales Manager Should Do Every Day

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How we’re getting sales management wrong: An interview with Jason Jordan

The day that a star salesperson is promoted to sales manager is both the “best and worst day of their life,” says Jason Jordan, co-author of Cracking the Sales Management Code.

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Top 15 Keys to Shortening Sales Cycles

My local Sports Radio station was discussing the age-old issue about the need to shorten baseball games. This time they want to get it done in 2015, so one might ask, "What's different this time?"

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What is sales enablement, and why should you care?

It’s one of the buzziest buzzwords in the industry right now: Sales Enablement. Everyone knows you need it. Top performing organizations have it. Nearly everyone has invested in it at some point.

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Bigger Sales Pipelines - The Dangerous Truth

I usually get notified when new sales studies are published and I'm asked to link to those reports from my Blog.

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What happens when you talk to customers when they're not buying

An interview with Dave Stein: How much time is your sales team spending with customers who are not actively buying? According to Dave, it’s probably not enough.

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When Buyer and Seller Act as Partners, They are Building a Bridge to Profitability

I think (hope) we all accept that sales success today demands a radical shift from the “peddler” mentality of merely demonstrating products and expanding on their features. It requires treating the customer as a participant. More often than not, a “flashy” sales presentation alone alienates rather than persuades.