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The Critical Importance of EQ in Sales

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Dave Brock on the Most Overlooked Opportunity in Sales Performance

The sales profession is in trouble. The latest CSO Insights report shows that sales effectiveness has declined yet again this past year. Inside many companies, sales teams struggle to meet their quotas, and sales leaders and executives struggle to give their teams the tools, systems, and training they need.

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The 3 Most Important Questions about Sales Process

Sales Process is a topic that I have chosen to write about around 25 times over the past 10 years. Lately, we are finally beginning to see some improvements being made in this area.

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Challenger vs. solution selling: what does the data tell us?

A few weeks ago, when I wrote about the purported “death of solution selling,” reader response was tremendous. In the blog comments and on LinkedIn, readers shared a wealth of insights, discussion, and challenges to the article’s assumptions, all of which got me thinking more deeply about the Challenger vs. solution selling debate.

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Closing Is Usually Not The Problem In B2B Sales

A while back, I was working with a client that provides brilliant cloud solutions with a compelling business case. When I asked what their biggest challenges were within the sales team they said: "Many of them can't seem to close... they want better closing techniques."

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Four Traps Your Sales Process Must Avoid

If you’ve been following me for long, you know I talk a lot about the importance of sales process. So, you may be surprised to hear me say that sometimes the sales process is the very thing that kills the sales organization.

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You Cannot Manage What You Don’t Understand

Even companies that enjoy the luxury of clearly superior products, realise that those products will not sell themselves. As a minimum, companies need a sales force comprised of skilled professionals who understand the application of the product range, have an in-depth knowledge of their customer base, market sector and of course the competition. But even all these elements together are not sufficient to ensure optimum performance levels and profitable sales.