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Getting Reps to Quota: A GPS for New Sales Managers

Imagine one day being dropped into an unfamiliar landscape and told you must lead a team of people to a prescribed destination. There is no map and no further instruction. To complicate matters, you must deal with a constant barrage of distractions and demands along the way.

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Five steps to changing salesperson behaviors, according to psychology

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or keep a New Year’s resolution knows first-hand how hard it can be to change a behavior. Despite good intentions, and entire industries dedicated to helping fix bad habits, many people continue to smoke, eat junk food, and fail to exercise.

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If You Don’t Understand Your Numbers, You Don’t Know How To Improve Performance

Sales and marketing are data/numbers driven, at least they should be and sometimes we pretend they are. But too often, sales people and managers don’t really understand the data/numbers.

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Can a sales process be mistake-proofed?

In 1986, a Japanese industrial engineer by the name of Shingeo Shingo published a book outlining a revolutionary approach to quality control in manufacturing. His approach included a concept called, “poka-yoke,” which roughly translates in English to “mistake-proofing.”

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The 6 Competencies Every Strategic Account Manager Should Have

The role of a strategic account manager is probably one of the most difficult to master – if regular sellers are amateur cyclists, then strategic account managers tend to be akin to seasoned pros on the Tour de France.

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Keys to Winning Mega Deals: An Interview with Christopher Engman

There’s a lot of talk about the differences between transactional and complex selling, but Christopher Engman says that’s not granular enough. Beyond complex and account-based selling, there’s a world he calls the Mega Deal environment.

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Size isn’t everything: why more revenue often flows from smaller pipelines

One of the abiding urban myths that misinforms sales pipeline management is the idea that sales people need at least 3x pipeline coverage in order to achieve their quota. Where this “golden number” came from, nobody seems to know, but it’s a fair bet that it dates back beyond the Neolithic.

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Salesforce — the most expensive rolodex in the world?

At a base price of $25 per user per month, Salesforce looks on the surface like a can’t-go-wrong affordable investment for any sales team.

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3 Reasons Sales Managers Fail to Coach

When it comes to sales managers coaching their sellers, there is a significant gap between what companies intend to do and what they end up doing. Here’s a look at what’s going on and how to make your training dollars work as you intend.