What is your opportunity definition?

By Fredrik Jonsson - November 25, 2015

Let’s start with a quick experiment: select an opportunity from the early stages of your pipeline right now.

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What True Story Does Your Sales Pipeline Tell You about Your Business?

By Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group - November 22, 2015

Yesterday I was looking at the dashboard in my new car and noticed that one of the gauges could be swapped out.  There aren't any fixed gauges on this dash because the gauges, ranges and needles are displayed digitally. I can even change their color!  The thing that caught my interest though, was the flashlight effect where the ticks to either side of the needle are brighter and bolder to draw attention to where the needle is pointing.  

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The Ladder of Sales Competence

By George Brontén - November 18, 2015

In psychology there’s a model called “the four stages of competence” that explains how people move through different stages when learning new competencies. I find this model interesting to have in mind when it comes to sales competence and sales technology.

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Take a Look at Yourself Through Your Customer’s Eyes – If You Dare!

By Jonathan Farrington - November 15, 2015

When was the last time you wondered what it would be like to buy from you? Maybe you never have; maybe the prospect would be far too daunting.

Imagine arriving at your office, was it easy to park? Were there reserved parking spaces for customers/clients? Close to the front entrance?

And when you approached reception, what response did you get? Did you feel welcomed? Valued? Important?

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Who calls the shots? Understanding decision making committees

By Fredrik Jonsson - November 11, 2015

Much has been written about changing buyer behaviors, the automation of transactional sales and the sales profession’s continuing march towards increased irrelevance and inevitable extinction.

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3 steps for successfully targeting and segmenting your customers

By Jorge Lopez, Prosales Institute - November 8, 2015

Success in B2B sales has little to do with individual behavior and professional selling skills. It depends on sales leaders’ ability to set the right direction and to empower the organization with the right tools. One tool is a customer segmentation and targeting model. Here are three steps to help you build a successful customer segmentation and targeting model.

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Content in context – the sales perspective

By Fredrik Jonsson - November 4, 2015

In the sales enablement space, “content in context” is a commonly used phrase. However, what does it really mean? Even more important, how should it best be applied to help sales people consistently reach their quota?

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CRM: Graveyards of Information or Powerhouses for Improvement?

By Tony Hughes - November 1, 2015

George Brontén from Membrain has been following my posts and regularly provides insightful comments. LinkedIn is an amazing platform for building relevant connections with thought leaders around the world and we decided to catch-up on Skype.

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How to ramp up new sales people faster

By George Brontén - October 28, 2015

When speaking to sales leaders and CEOs, I often hear complaints about how long it takes to hire sales people and get them to generate positive cash flow for the company.

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5 Irreversible Shifts In Buying Behaviour

By Ago Cluytens - October 25, 2015

In recent months, I have seen an ever-increasing amount of attention dedicated to the fact that B2B buying is changing - and fast. And that's a good thing it finally seems like everyone’s coming to terms with the fact that buyers are firmly in charge of the buying process today.

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