Motivation…Also a Sales Manager’s Job

By Gretchen Gordon, Braveheart Sales Performance - December 20, 2014

Over the years I have heard from numerous CEOs and sales managers alike that believe that they should not have to help motivate their people to do their jobs. They believe that if they just hired “highly motivated” people they can just let them go. Well I say “Good luck with that.”

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Are you doing ”busy-work” or progressing towards your sales targets?

By George Brontén - December 18, 2014

If there’s something that we all have in common, I’d reason it is time. How we choose to spend it determines how we feel and what accomplishments we achieve. A big problem is that there’s often a conflict between what’s important and what’s urgent, between short and long-term gains. Checking emails every five minutes may increase your dopamine levels, but it probably won’t take you much closer to your sales targets.

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3 out of 4 companies are taking the wrong approach to sales coaching

By Bob Apollo, Inflexion-Point - December 13, 2014

As you can imagine, I get to speak to a fair number of B2B-focused CEOs and sales leaders - and I can’t recall any of them ever disagreeing with the principle that effective sales coaching is an absolutely critical skill for first-line sales management.

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Generalization: poison or potion?

By George Brontén - December 10, 2014

As human beings, we make thousands of decisions every day. Most of them are made unconsciously, based on past experiences and established routines. Without even reflecting, we constantly adopt a process called generalization – to make our world easier to understand, we lump and categorize information in terms of how objects and situations are like or unlike others. As part of this process, we also ignore and distort information to better fit with our world-view, purpose and intent.

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Selling Value - Everything You Always Wanted to Know

By Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group - December 6, 2014

Some news stories just don't go away. They remain in the news more because the media continues to milk these stories then readers demand to know more. Within sales the stories of the recent past are about Social Selling, Inbound Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, CRM and Lead Nurturing. Maybe it is time for sales experts to change focus and be addressing topics more closely aligned with helping sellers sell.

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A realistic approach to goal setting in b2b sales

By Fredrik Jonsson - December 3, 2014

Let’s start with a statistic: quota attainment in B2B sales is currently around 60%. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. On the contrary, it has been status quo for the last number of years. Yet despite the 40% failure rate, we continue with the same quota expectations and the same goal setting practices year after year after year - somehow expecting a different result. How about trying something different in 2015?

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Stop clogging your revenue artery

By Tibor Shanto - November 29, 2014

How your pipeline is managed and staged can be the difference between a decent year or career, or a consistently great one. To use a sport analogy, your pipeline is your core. No matter what sport you play, a well exercised and maintained core adds to athletic performance and turns one competitor into a champion, while a comparably talented athlete with a less conditioned core falls behind.

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Succeeding With Pipeline Management in Complex B2B Sales

By George Brontén - November 26, 2014

All sales organizations are looking for an edge to outperform the competition. Every year, $20 billion is spent on sales training in the US alone* – however, without proper reinforcement 87% of what was learned is forgotten within a month. Regardless of what you are looking to achieve, implementation and reinforcement will be key for long term success.

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Systematic On-boarding Programs Predict Success

By Gretchen Gordon, Braveheart Sales Performance - November 24, 2014

As part of our work with clients, we sometimes help them improve their hiring effectiveness and efficiency by introducing an assessment into their hiring process. I have found that hiring managers occasionally get lulled to sleep believing that because the candidate was recommended by the assessment, and HR screened them that they will just step into the position and be a superstar. I wish it worked that way, but it doesn’t.

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Is your Sales Process Dead or Alive?

By George Brontén - November 19, 2014

Adjusting to buyer behavior is important. However, when taken too far sales people become reactive rather than proactive, responding to customer demands rather than leading the way. How can you break the trend? Implementing a sales process based on what your top performers do differently will go a long way.

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