Swahili v. Swedish: Driving Focus in the Sales Engine

By Bob Britton - October 4, 2015

What I’m about to say may not sit well with some C-suite folks, but here it goes: What you have to say to the troops might not be what they need to hear. Yes, yes, you are the boss and, like E.F. Hutton (anyone remember them anymore?), when you talk, people listen. And if you’re the typical CXO, your day-to-day concerns are a world away from what a front line seller is concerned about. You may as well be speaking Swahili and the sellers Swedish.

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Scania Mining: a systems approach to the complex sale

By George Brontén - September 30, 2015

More and more products and services are becoming commoditized. In a world of web shops and Amazon, the online automation of transactional sales continues to reduce the need for sales people.

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Sales Transformation – Don't Do Software Trials!

By Tony Hughes - September 27, 2015

The most difficult part of an enterprise to transform is the sales organization. Many leaders see their revenue machine as a mystery black box filled with a little bit of science and a lot of art. On this, the allure of sales and marketing software tools (CRM, Methodology Playbooks, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and social selling platforms) promise to bring increased reach, accelerated results, buyer alignment, consistency in sales execution, transparent pipeline creation, timely opportunity progression and predicable forecasting.

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Will we ever start coaching our sales people?

By Fredrik Jonsson - September 23, 2015

Let me be the 2,366,714th person to point this out: sales coaching is really important. Unfortunately, it is something we continuously talk about doing, but never get around to actually implementing. We’re busy, right? There are meetings to be had, calls to make, forecasts to produce.

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What is your sales value proposition? Does it work?

By Paul O'Donohue - September 20, 2015

In today’s highly commoditised global market, if a company doesn’t have a sales value proposition then it is unlikely they will be successful and achieve growth.

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6 ways to improve your B2B win rates

By George Brontén - September 16, 2015

If you're facing increased competition, multiple stakeholders in each buying decision, longer sales cycles and rising sales costs, you are not alone. Many sales organizations need to revise both their strategy and tactics; doing more of the same will not help them reach their targets. This blog post is intended to provide a simple framework for how to best plan our execution, when engaged in complex b2b sales.

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The key to great B2B sales questions - get your prospects to choose

By Bob Apollo, Inflexion-Point - September 13, 2015

You’re probably very familiar with the difference between open and closed questions, and how and where they can be most effectively used in the sales process. At the most basic level, closed questions allow the person asking the question to retain control of the conversation, whilst open questions hand control of the conversation to the person answering the question.

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5 Questions for Better Lead Qualification in 2016

By Fredrik Jonsson - September 9, 2015

The last quarter is approaching. A new year is upon us. Soon we’ll make grand plans for everything we want to achieve in 2016. Most likely we'll start out with a flurry of activity and be surprised, yet again, that we couldn’t maintain momentum for something that was clearly unsustainable.

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The Science of Sales Selection vs. the Marketing of Modern Selling

By Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group - September 6, 2015

Today I received this email from an OMG (Objective Management Group) Partner after he asked me to run an analysis on a company's top and bottom performers.

He wrote, "After all these years, this is still amazing to me. Thanks Dave, my conversation is Monday and we are getting next steps in place. Appreciate the help."

So why is that such a big deal?

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Make your 2016 sales plan easy to execute

By George Brontén - September 2, 2015

A new calendar year is coming up. Your business planning is underway. With existing customers to keep happy, tough competition and high expectations for growth, your sales execution will be key. Once you’ve done your market research and decided on a strategy, it’s time to get hands-on about how to actually get it done when daily operations kick in.

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