Content Hub - Introduction

What is the Content Hub?

The Content Hub is the home for all your Sales Enablement resources and Sales Collateral within Membrain. It connects with your sales process and offers intelligent recommendations to access relevant resources, just when you need it.

Get the basics about Membrain's Content Hub with this short introductory video.

What is Content?

Simply put, Content is all the resources you and your company use to help you achieve success in sales. The Content Hub breaks these down into two distinct types of content - Sales Enablement Content and Sales Collateral Content

Sales Enablement Content

The internal resources you use to reinforce sales training and support your team to enhance performance. This content can be in the form of training videos, templates, pre-approved proposals, and more.

These resources are made available to your sales team when they need it, offering support and guidance throughout the sales cycle.

Sales Collateral Content

The content you use to support the sale of your products or services. This could be documentation such as white papers, case studies, or competition comparisons, along with duct or demo videos.

These collateral pieces are suggested to the salesperson during the sales lifecycle, where they can be shared with the prospective buyer at a point where it makes all the difference.

Content in Context

Once you add your content, you choose exactly when to make it available based on stakeholder roles, sales process stage, industry, competition, or anything vital to your sales strategy.

Membrain then offers intelligent recommendations based on machine learning using all these factors and more so you can share your content when it makes a difference.

Like in this example below. When sending an email to a prospective buyer, Membrain recommends content for you to share which is relevant to this particular prospect, based on the context you have added. Including things like which Prospecting Process the contact belongs to, and at what stage of the buying lifecycle he is at are taken into account, amongst other things.

It's also possible to highlight your favorite content, making it easy to find and more likely to pop up in recommendations.

Analysis and Engagement Tracking

Track engagement so you know what's working - Membrain is designed to track user engagement with the content you use, so you can see what content is shared and when, who uses each piece of content most effectively, and what content has the greatest impact on your sales numbers. The content that is proven to be most helpful and effective will be recommended more.

Improved Communication company-wide

Speak with one voice. A central place for all your sales collateral and training content makes it easier to ensure that everyone is communicating in a similar way, ensuring your brand coherence and positioning messaging stays on point. The Content Hub is where marketing and sales meet to use what is working and update what needs to be improved.

Ready to get started?

Great! If you're all set to start adding Content and Context to your Resources, read this article Get Started with the Content Hub.